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Mercy in the Charism of the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi

Taniele Tucker

I am in love with Mercy because Mercy has made love to me. Mercy transforms the soul. It is given from an abundant source. This extraordinary jubilee year of mercy will bless us with extraordinary graces in the living out of our charism. At the mention of certain virtues it is easy to conjure up names and faces of saints who have exemplified this virtue. When I think of mercy, St. Faustina and Blessed Mother Teresa come to mind; the former of whom won my devotion through her devotion to me. Both saints reveal aspects of God’s mercy through their heroic lives. As great as their witnesses were, which raised them to the altars, they reflect barely a glimmer of the majesty, which we find in God. Their heroic lives – a drop in the ocean of the God of Love, a morsel that fell from the heavenly table. Yet, a morsel we savor because it tastes of God. What does God’s mercy taste like in Regnum Christi? We can also ask, “How does a consecrated woman in Regnum Christi live out mercy in a charismatic way?”