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A Church Connected for ChristThe Legionaries of Christ are a religious Congregation of priests, of pontifical rite, founded in 1941 in Mexico. In 1965, Pope Paul VI granted the Decretum Laudis to the Legion. Pope Francis approved our revised constitutions in November of 2014.

Regnum Christi is an Apostolic Movement within the Catholic Church. The Holy See granted definitive approval of its statutes in November of 2004.

The Legion and Regnum Christi share the same charism, spirituality and mission. We work as Jesus did. We reveal His love, form apostles and send them out to help build the kingdom of Christ. We awaken the individual and the family to their mission in life and in the Church.

We work in cooperation with and in support of the church at all levels. We serve the Church in every way we can, wherever it has need – especially in the formation of apostles at the service of the Church.