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Institute for the Psychological Sciences
The Institute for the Psychological Sciences has arisen to integrate the science of psychology with the Christian view of the human person.

Logo Institute for the Psychological Sciences

The mission of the Institute for the Psychological Sciences is:

1) To provide a fertile educational environment for the development and promotion of an approach to clinical psychology founded on a Catholic vision of the human person.

2) Through its M.S. program, to provide its students with a solid theoretical foundation and training in clinical skills consistent with this Catholic approach to clinical psychology so as to prepare them for further graduate training.

3) Through its Psy.D. program, to form highly skilled clinical psychologists who have the leadership skills necessary for promoting a Catholic approach to the psychological sciences.


The Institute for the Psychological Sciences was founded by a group of mental health professionals, both academicians and clinicians, who perceived the need to fully explore the interrelationship between psychology and faith life. Their experiences sponsoring workshops for licensed mental health professionals convinced them of the need for a new degree granting institution; thus the Institute for the Psychological Sciences was created.

The Institute began operating in September of 1999, offering instruction leading to the Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology. In September of 2000, it initiated and enrolled its first class in its Doctor of Psychology degree program in Clinical Psychology.


The Board of Directors and the Faculty of the Institute for the Psychological Sciences are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest academic standards in teaching and clinical training.

In the quest for academic quality, the Institute for the Psychological Sciences commits itself to:

1) Increase and strengthen the quality of teaching in the classroom by supporting innovative programs and through a process of evaluation and response to feedback from students, faculty, and consultants.

2) Instruct in accordance with the teaching of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

3) Encourage and foster the spiritual formation of its students by offering opportunities for them to participate in spiritual direction, retreats, conferences, and religious services.

For more information contact:

2001 Jefferson Davis Highway
Suite 102
Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: 703-416-1441
Fax: 703-416-8588

If you would like to visit the Institute for the Psychological Sciences Website click here



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