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Turn to Jesus (Article)

There is no better pay than a child’s smile
The “doctors of laughter” transform the art of physical comedy into a method of care and healing for children and adolescents

A new form of medicine
The “doctors of laughter" or "risaterapeutas" in Spanish aid the healing process by raising the spirits of their patients. “Laughing Therapy, ” "risaterapia," is a new program developed by Anáhuac University which capitalizes on the medical benefits of the patient´s own sense of humor. The “doctors of laughter” are a group of young students coached in the art of physical comedy, like a clown or a mime. These actor-healers go into children´s hospitals and use the fine art of physical comedy as a method of care and healing for children and adolescents. Making use of mime, music, magic, and puppets, these young university students bring a mini-circus clown to the beds of hospitalized children, easing the recovery process not only for the children but for the personnel that take care of them; in many cases they need it the most.

Using such "sophisticated techniques" as the clown nose transplant, rubber chicken broth, the chocolate milk transfusion, and many more, these enthusiastic youths work together as a team with the children’s parents and their doctors, to alleviate the stress that can accompany a very serious illness, restoring the laughter, joy, and fun that are a natural part of childhood.

The goals of “Laughing Therapy” are to aid children´s recovery by taking their mind off their suffering and onto something positive so that their attention is focused on playing, laughing, and games. Stimulating their naturally joyful mood which accelerates their recovery. This new line of medical studies called “Animated Medicine” is a program started by Anáhuac University in the hope of generating a cultural wave of social action among young people, offering them a new and engaging way to help others in need. It is an entirely altruistic project that pursues the welfare of thousands of hospitalized children, building a light-hearted environment that medical personnel and even families often struggle with when facing the stress of a child´s illness, and yet it is so important for their healing and development.

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