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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Spiritual Life

The Regnum Christi Movement offers its members some guidelines of a gospel-based spirituality as an ideal of Christian life. The spiritual path that Regnum Christi members walk mainly consists in knowing, loving, imitating, and proclaiming Christ. This is the path and these are the goals.

Below, we offer some resources that can help nurture the spiritual life of Movement members and of any Christian.

Daily Prayer 2004-11-30
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Marveling with a Childlike Heart

November 30, 2004
St Andrew, apostle
Father John Doyle, LC

Luke 10:21-24
Jesus rejoiced in the Holy Spirit and said, "I give you praise, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned, you have revealed them to the childlike. Yes, Father, such has been your gracious will. All things have been handed over to me by my Father. No one knows who the Son is except the Father, and who the Father is except the Son and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal him." Turning to the disciples in private he said, "Blessed are the eyes that see what you see! For I say to you, many prophets and kings desired to see what you see, but did not see it, and to hear what you hear, but did not hear it."

Introductory Prayer:Lord help me to turn to you in this moment of prayer with childlike faith and simplicity. I really want you to spend this day with you. Help me to rejoice in you.

Petition:Lord grant me the simplicity of a child so that I can marvel at your Father’s plan.

1. Rejoice in the Spirit. At times we have a grim picture of prayer and the spiritual life. We imagine sour faced monks in dark monasteries bemoaning the evils of the world. Today on the contrary, Jesus rejoices in the Holy Spirit’s action at work in the lives of all people throughout the world. St Theresa of Avila once told her nuns that a saint who is always sad is a sad saint. Not every prayer is a call to rejoicing, but every time we pray, we are called to realize that our lives are part of a much bigger picture, one in which God’s triumph is assured. When we remember that the Holy Spirit is at work in our lives and that through grace we are already part of God’s family, what can keep us from rejoicing?

2. What Only a Child Can See. Over 2,000 years have passed since Christ walked the earth doing good to all. Still the reality remains that only someone who has the faith of a child can perceive God in Jesus. When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey it was not the great ones who acclaimed him as Savior and Messiah but children and the childlike. Children are capable of great love for Jesus especially in the Blessed Eucharist. As we continue to prepare during this Advent season for the Birth of Jesus let us take time to marvel at the Father’s work in sending his Son Jesus to save us from our sins and show us the way to heaven.

3. Blessed are the Childlike. If God had wanted to reveal himself publicly with awesome signs of power he could have done it. The same Jesus who calmed the sea and walked on the waters could have given in to the scribes and Pharisees’ declaration that they would believe in him if only he would come down from the cross. The leaders of Jesus’ day would have been quite content if God had come as a mighty king with legions of angels to liberate their race and overthrow the Romans; however, for him to come as a small defenseless child born in a cave did not fit into their plans. When unexpected events and difficulties arise in my life, am I capable of seeing the hand of God? Am I also simple when everything seems to be going my way? Do I recognize success as God’s gift or do I think that it is just the result of my hard work? Blessed are the childlike.

Dialogue with Christ: Christ Jesus I want to see everything with the wonder of a child. Allow me to avoid complicating life and to grow in simplicity and love of you.

Resolution: I will be cordial and simple with Jesus during my moments of prayer today.

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