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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Help us ship $15 million in donated medical supplies
$1 will deliver $608.77 in medicine! But we must act immediately!

Niño pobre

Catholic World Mission has been given an incredible opportunity

$1 will deliver $608.77 in medicine!
But we must act immediately!

They say lightning never strikes twice, but "for God all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26) And our Heavenly Father let inspiration strike twice at a very generous corporation.

Last spring, this company-which seeks no publicity with its gifts-presented us with $4.6 million in medicine. Essential supplies went to the Missionaries of the Poor Sisters in the Philippines. You may have even helped with the shipping costs. Thousands of desperately poor people received the fruit of Christ´s healing ministry.

This stunning success impressed corporate officials so much they want to do it again this year - quadrupling their generosity to $15,401,844.36 in medical supplies!

But we face a serious, immediate challenge: we must pay for the shipping costs. Our Lord again asks you and me to send His gifts to the Philippines. We urgently need to act now to ship these medicines quickly. You see, many of these medicines are perishable. And they are sitting on the dock until we can raise the full amount of the $25,300 needed for shipping. But imagine the power of your gift!

Every ten dollars you give will deliver $6087.69 in medicine for the poor.

* Your $24.50 donation will bring $15,000 in antibiotics to save a poor child´s life!

* A $41 gift will deliver more than $25,000 of medicine to cure a poor mother´s tuberculosis so she can care for her children!

* Your check for $65.75 will send $40,000 worth of medication to treat a father so he can once again work to support his family to the Philippines!

* A donation of $100 means delivery of $60,877 in urgently needed supplies.

Medical supplies we buy without a second thought in the United States are luxuries on the islands where these children live. In these areas, medicines aren´t sold in bottles but are sold just one pill at a time because they are so scarce and expensive. Yet together we can raise the $25,300 to make sure the sisters have everything they need as they bring these people the hope of the Gospel and the tender love of Jesus.

Your gift, in the hands of Catholic missionaries, will save lives!

Your love, extended through the hands of the sisters, will relieve untold suffering!

Remember: we need to raise the entire $25,300 shipping fee quickly so the medicines will arrive before they expire. Please be as generous as you can--we need whatever gift you can send right away.

Please join us as we heal souls and bodies. Please take part in this ministry today with your needed gift to this urgent campaign.



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