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Summer Intensive Course Women, Culture and Society
The Course is for anyone interested in the study of the conditions and roles of women in today’s world.

Summer Course Women, Culture and Society

The Institute for Higher Studies on Women of the Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum offers a Summer Intensive Course on "Women, Culture and Society."

The Course is for anyone interested in the study of the conditions and roles of women in today’s world: researchers, journalists, writers on women’s issues, lawyers, persons involved in the field of culture, health personnel, social workers, high school teachers, college and university professors.

It is possible to participate in the entire Course or in a selection of one or more areas.

A Certificate of participation in the Summer Course: “Women, Culture and Society” will be granted at the end of the Course by the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum.


The Summer Course came about thanks to the initiative of an interdisciplinary group of professionals, academics, and university teachers that wanted to study the actual situation of women, their problems and their ideas, their image and their role in society as well as their presence in culture.

The objective is to revalue the presence and the influence of women in today’s world.

The Course is articulated in four areas:
1. Women’s identity and psychology. This section examines women’s identity and dignity as persons. The question of identity is studied in relation with different areas of study such as anthropology and sexuality, as well as ethics and women’s psychology.

2. Women in society. This section covers the history of feminism; women in different societies; their position in the working world. This module is meant to analyze women’s presence in society and in politics, and tries to answer the question:  does women’s presence in the social reality and in politics correspond with their identity?

3. Women in the world of cultural expressions.  We ask:  does the identity of women correspond with the image transmitted by the contemporary culture? This section seeks to find the answer by studying which ideal of women is present in education, the media, and art.

4. Women, bioethics, and family. The presence of women is analyzed in this basic structure of society: the roles they fulfill, their function in the development of the family and, particularly, the implications of motherhood. We will focus on the most current themes of bioethics that especially concern women.

When is the Summer Course going to be held? 
July 11th to 29th 2005

The Course will last three weeks for a total amount of 120 hours of lectures including the seminars.  The topics of the seminars will be communicated at the beginning of the course.
Requests for application should be sent from April 1st to July 1st. 2005.

Scientific Committee
Paolo Scarafoni L.C., Michael Ryan L.C., Cristina Zucconi Galli Fonseca, Elisabetta Piccolo

Organizational Committee
Cristina Zucconi Galli Fonseca, Adele Ercolano

Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum 
Institute of Higher Studies on Women  (ISSD)  
Via degli Aldobrandeschi 190 - 00163 Rome, Italy 
Tel: - (+39) 06/66527903 - (+39) 06/66527807  (+39) 06/66527800    
Fax: (+39) 06 66527840 



The hotels are divided into two groups. In the first group you’ll find those located near St. Peter’s square. To get to the Regina Apostolorum Pontificial University (University) you take a train from St. Peter’s Station (Stazione San Pietro) to the Aurelia Station (Stazione Aurelia) which is close to the University (150 meters). It will take 15 to 20 minutes to arrive.

In the second group you’ll find those hotels located near the Aurelia area (closer to the University).  To get to the University you take a bus from Via Aurelia to the Aurelia Station (Stazione Aurelia). It will take 10 to 15 minutes to arrive.

There are single, double and triple rooms available (“singola”, “doppia” and “tripla”).

Making the hotel reservation as soon as possible is highly recommended because July is very touristy.


* Suore Teatine
Costs per room: single €42, double €70, triple € 100, quadruple €120
Breakfast Included – Curfew 11:30 p.m.
Rooms with private baths
Salita Monte del Gallo, 25
00165, Rome, Italy
Tel: (+39) 06 637 4084/ 06 637 4653
Fax: (+39) 06 3937 9050

* Suore dei Sacri Cuori (Responsible: Massimo Scarpeta)
Costs per room: single €38, double €66
Breakfast Included – No Curfew
Rooms with air conditioning and private bath
Via Pio VIII, 28
00165, Rome, Italy
Tel: (+39) 06 3937 5805
Fax: (+39) 06 636721

* Suore Dell´Assunzione (Responsible Sor. Lydia)
Costs per room: triple €90
Breakfast not included
Not all rooms have a private bath
Via A. Doria, 42
00165, Rome, Italy
Tel: (+39) 06397 37567


* Hotel Aureliano (4 stars)
Special price for participants taking the Summer Course
Costs per room: single €80, double €100
Breakfast included
Rooms with air conditioning, T.V., minibar, safety box, and private bath.
Via Aurelia, 619
00165, Rome, Italy
Tel: (+ 39) 06 66 10 061
Fax: (+39) 06 66 10 0699

* Suore Della Presentazione (Responsible Sor. Agnes)
Costs per room: single € 40 (students €34), double €68 (students €58)
Breakfast included – Curfew 11:00 p.m.
Rooms with private bath
Via Agatone Papas, 16
Rome, Italy
Tel: (+39) 06632 943


All plane tickets must be bought by the participants. The University is not responsible of any travel arrangements.

From the International Leonardo Da Vinci Airport (Fiumicino) you can take a taxi to the Aurelia or St Peter’s areas for €35-€45.

In Rome you’ll find buses, subways and a city train as means of public transportation. The monthly bus pass is valid for one calendar month (with unlimited rides) and it can be bought for €30.

Estimated Budget

The estimated living expenses per person for the duration of the summer course (three weeks) that include housing, public transportation and meals are:

22 hotel nights in a double room per person (€40) –€880  
Meals €340     
Monthly bus pass €30
Laundry €100
Total: €1,350

Weekend trips

According to the group’s interests weekend trips can be organized to close-by cities like Florence, Assisi, and/or Siena with an estimated cost of € 40 per person per trip.

For further information please contact:

* Adele Ercolano
 Tel: - (+39) 06/66527903 - (+39) 06/66527807 (+39) 06/66527800    

* Elisa Treviño



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