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Turn to Jesus (Article)

K4J “Summertime Blast” Vacation Bible School Gets Imprimatur
Parishes throughout the United States and Canada use the K4J programs to complement other catechetical programs.

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Hartford, Conn., June 3 - Archbishop Henry J. Mansell of Hartford has given his imprimatur to the K4J "Summertime BLAST" Vacation Bible School, saying, "It would be difficult to exaggerate the good that this children´s program can do."

The K4J ("Kids for Jesus") Vacation Bible School is one of several programs developed by Catholic Kids Net ( The K4J programs provide catechesis and virtue formation in fun and attractive presentations. Parishes throughout the United States and Canada use the K4J programs to complement other catechetical programs. Religious education directors report K4J has helped make catechism classes much more appealing to students and their families.

“The secret to the success of our vacation bible school lies in our kid-friendly themes and dynamic music,” said Kathleen Conklin, director of the K4J program and member of Regnum Christi.

"The focus is on the Holy Eucharist,” Conklin explained. “We begin by teaching kids about the virtue of initiative -- finding good ways to bring Jesus´ love to others.  This works well with the Holy Eucharist focus since we pray to Jesus in the Eucharist, receive Jesus in the Eucharist, then go out to share his love with others. 

“Jesus will give us all the good ideas and grace we need to be able to complete the mission he has for us.  At the same time, the virtue of initiative is learned and experienced by acting as secret agents in the K4J Clubhouse,” she said. 

Archbishop Mansell says he is impressed by the quality of the K4J catechesis.

"Among its positive aspects," he said, "it is Scriptural; it strives to be solidly doctrinal; it emphasizes the Catechism of the Catholic Church; it encourages the Church´s missionary apostolate; it recognizes the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints; it is respectful of the ministerial priesthood; it encourages the Church´s social justice doctrines; it evidences reverence for the Mass and Eucharistic adoration. In our secularist educational climate, it is a refreshing interlude."

The “Summertime BLAST” vacation bible school gets students involved in imaginative role-playing. “´Secret agents´ are busy at work, using gadgets and their own creative contraptions to ´build up the Church,´” Conklin explained. “Kids love it." 

Fifth through eighth grade students can serve as K4J Captains, who put on skits, teach the K4J Songs, teach scripture, help with teams and other dynamic activities.

"We find that once kids are engaged in an educational theme they find exciting, they are particularly open to learning about their faith,” Conklin said. “Once kids open themselves to learn and explore, it´s amazing what they can accomplish with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, prayer, and the sacraments!" 

This year the K4J kids are collecting money for Catholic World Missions to purchase Mass kits for missionaries and help bring Jesus in the Eucharist to the whole world.  

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