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Why a School of Bioethics?
An academic degree in Bioethics from Regina Apostolorum provides the required expertise for those who wish to work in this emerging field.

Escuela de Bioética en el Ateneo.

With the rapid technological progress in biomedical sciences in recent decades, bioethics has become an academic discipline in its own right.

Bioethics demands a working knowledge of such diverse areas as medicine, biology, law, philosophy and theology. For this reason a coordinated interdisciplinary approach is necessary. Whereas specialists in any of these areas can provide helpful input, only those with a global bioethical formation can competently address the complex ethical issues. An academic degree in Bioethics provides the required expertise for those who wish to work in this emerging field.

Who should be interested in Bioethics?

-Anyone interested in healthcare, defense of human life and the ethical dimensions of biotechnology.

-Young people who want to pursue a professional career in bioethics.

-Doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare workers.

-Priests, religious, catechists and teachers dedicated to proclaiming the "Gospel of Life".

-Lawyers, politicians, legislators, journalists and other professionals dealing with life issues.

-Volunteers and all those engaged in the service of those in need: Women in difficulty, the poor, abandoned children, the unborn, the sick, the elderly and handicapped persons.

The formative areas

Given the interdisciplinary character of the bioethics curriculum at Regina Apostolorum and the broad range of its practical applications, studies are structured as follows:

-Introduction to the core subjects of Medicine, Biology, Philosophy, Law and Theology

-General Bioethics: The study of its history and foundational principles

-Specialized Bioethics: Analysis of the principal problems (genetic manipulation, cloning, artificial insemination, fetal diagnosis, organ transplants, euthanasia,
environmental issues…)

-Practical exercise: Hospital and clinical visits, first-hand experience by participating in Bioethics committees.

Our academic approach

The academic method employed for the study of these areas is characterized by an untiring search for truth founded on sure metaphysical and anthropological principles, solid scholarship and sincere adherence to the Magisterium of the Church.

Some testimonies

“What a joy to find a group that cherishes the same aspirations for promoting the dignity of human life.” Charmaine Graves, Halifax, Canada.

“Studies are demanding but rewarding. Along with receiving a great theoretical preparation, we are given insight about ourselves.” Monika Haas, Linz, Austria.

“Bioethics at Regina Apostolorum is providing the ideal complement to my medical career in obstetrics.” Dr. Rosalia Balisteri, Rome, Italy

“My pastoral activity demands that I have clear ideas in the bioethics field and I am getting just what I need at Regina Apostolorum.” P. Kenneth Sleyman M.M., Rochester, New York, USA


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