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Turn to Jesus (Article)

To be a missionary is to announce that God is love”
Pope Benedict XVI affirms it in his message for the “Jornada Mundial de las Misiones 2006” (World Mission Conference 2006).

Vatican City, November 3rd 2006. The eightieth World Mission Sunday (DOMUND) was celebrated on Sunday, October 22nd. For this occasion, the Pope Benedict XVI wrote a message last April, called: “Charity: soul of the mission”.

In this message the Holy Father comments, among other things, that “unless the mission is orientated by charity, that is, unless it springs from a profound act of divine love, it risks being reduced to mere philanthropic and social activity […] In fact, God’s love for every person constitutes the heart of the experience and proclamation of the Gospel, and those who welcome it in turn become its witnesses”.

For this reason, the Pope wishes that the World Mission Conference would be an opportunity “to better understand that the love testimony, soul of the mission, belongs to everybody […] Together with those who are on the front line of the missionary frontiers –and I think with recognition in the missionaries—many others, children, young people and adults, contribute with their prayers and cooperation in several ways to the diffusion of the kingdom of God in the earth”, concludes the Holy Father.

“Juventud y Familia Misionera” (“Missionary Youth and Family”) promotes the evangelic work of the Regnum Christi Movement, following the example of his patron St. Rafael Guízar Valencia, they collaborate with the
«The World Journal of Missions must be an opportunity to better understand that the love testimony, soul of the mission, belongs to everybody».
parishes of the dioceses where they work.  The missionary spirit of St. Rafael Guízar was reflected in his direct relation with people and also in the “minimum details” as the letters and notes he addressed to his priests and parishioners.  In his tomb is engraved the inscription: “God fulfils you with his blessings and his Holy love.”» He used this phrase to finish all his writings.

That missionary ardour of transmitting the love of God was reflected in his entire person, it was something natural, not false or driven simply by duty.  From his home he learned to speak well of the others, that is to practice the “bene dicere”, putting aside criticisms and detractions, especially if they were void of reason or malicious.  He conquered the love of the people who called him “the one who moves hearts”, because his words were the reflection of his living love to God, words fortified with the charity of Christ to everybody.

“Juventud y Familia Misionera” (“Missionary Youth and Family”) are nourished by that spirituality, and they seek to transmit it during the visits they conduct during Holy Week and in their monthly or weekly activities designed to strengthen families.  Activities range from such material works as helping them to built or repair their houses, to spiritual and human formation of the young people,
«Thanks to God, good shepherd that doesn’t leave the lost sheep, the men of all times have the possibility to be in communion with God, merciful Father».
children and married couples. It is also important to mention that every year a medical team works during the missions, where they offer free consultations and medicines.



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