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Looking for happiness from God
Fr. Daniel Hennessy LC

P. Daniel Joseph Hennessy, L.C. (Estados Unidos).
Fr. Daniel Joseph Hennessy, L.C.
Fr. Daniel, 32, was born in Dallas, Texas, where he lived all his life before becoming a Legionary. As a child he went to Mass at Christ the King Parish in the diocese of Dallas.

He went to Christ the King Parish School, Ave Maria Academy and The Highlands School (run by the Legionaries of Christ).

“Since I was a child,” Fr. Daniel recalls, “I always tried to look for God’s will; when He called me I gave Him the first chance and he has fulfilled abundantly my expectations and dreams”.

Fr. Daniel received Bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and theology. For Fr. Daniel “these years were intense and a great investment, you really need them for the mission God puts in your hands”.

Between his philosophical and theological studies, Fr. Daniel dedicated four years to working in Venezuela. He was manager of a school (Colegio Cumbres) and helped in the formation of youth.

“You realize,” said Fr Daniel,” that the world is bigger than you think and at the same time how everybody looks for happiness, which comes from God”.



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