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Turn to Jesus (Article)

From Fisherman to Full-Time Catechist
Working to save souls along the Pacific coast

ETC de Pescador a evangelizador
Twelve years ago I had an experience of knowing Christ my Lord through the School of the Cross, which was under the guidance of Fr. Asencio Dávalo. Since then I have worked arduously for the salvation of souls, and became a Eucharistic minister, but my heavenly Father, worthy of being called the King of kings, continues pouring his most beautiful gifts over me, presenting me the Full Time Catechesis apostolate, which I took up seven years ago, working more zealously and resolutely. I previously worked along the Pacific coast as a fisherman, but today I am a fisher of men.

I travel around working seven days a week along the coast, and I repeat, with a firm resolution, and as a fruit of obedience I work hand in hand with my parish priest and my bishop who are happy with the results of our work. In the journey of my task of evangelization I deal with adults, men, women, young people and kids. My community is one of fishermen, which we call Dautillos, and it is situated in the county of Navolato and is in the city of Culiacán Sinaloa, Mexico.

Juan Manuel López Martínez (They call me Juanito)

Navolato, Sinaloa, México

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