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Turn to Jesus (Article)

ECYD Club in Chad, Africa
Odette was able to start an ECYD club thanks to her personal initiative and the resources available on the Catholic Youth World Network.

Miembros del club del ECYD Challenge en Chad, África. Al fondo, en la pizarra, puede leerse “Regnum Christi”
Members of teh ECYD Challenge club in Chad, Africa. In the background, "Regnum Christi" is written on the chalkboard.
Chad, March 13 2007. Recently a ECYD Challenge Girls´ Club was founded in Chad, Africa. A Canadian married couple, the Moroney´s, moved to the country for work reasons. After a a few days in Chad, Mr. Moroney asked one of his employees, Odette, who was also catholic, if there was a church nearby where he could go for mass.

After this encounter, Odette, moved by the example of the Moroney family, became interested in learning more about the Movement: she began receiving the daily meditations in French from the Regnum Christi website, and soon became a whole-hearted promoter of the daily meditations. She convinced a local radio station to deliver the meditations, and to have them used in various parishes in the area.

From this initial interest in the Movement was born the desire to work pastorally in her parish by founding an ECYD Club. Odette was able to start the ECYD Club thanks to her personal intiative and the resources available on the Catholic Youth World Network.

Odette tells us that "as soon as we started
the Challenge Club, we wanted the girls to know something about Regnum Christi. I translated into French the Challenge ´philosophy,´ strategy and motto [taking it from the website]. The priest who presented Challenge to the parish council was Father Romanus Okongwu, who speaks English. He is helping us very much. This week, I will explain to the girls that prayer is the center of our meetings, and the meaning of ´Thy Kingdom Come!´ and then we will draft a program for the year."



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