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The New Fundamentalists: Beyond Tolerance
Father Daniel Brandenburg, LC, author of the recently released “The New Fundamentalists: Beyond Tolerance”, Updated schedule of book presentations!

The book is avaliable on Circle Press.
The book is avaliable on Circle Press.
A book with a title like “The New Fundamentalists” doesn’t exactly Tsound like light summer reading. But there are some books that address important themes with a style so readable and easy to follow, and with an argument that unfolds with such lucid, clean logic, sprinkled with humor and down-to-earth examples and illustrations, that it’s like a refreshing drink on a hot day. This is one of those books, and it is now available from Circle Press.

The topic: a diagnosis of what Pope Benedict XVI has called “the dictatorship of relativism” and a prescription for positive action.

Father Brandenburg argues that relativism is like a virus in the system, and that it is derailing the fundamental human institutions that build up society, such as marriage and family. He demonstrates how the current educational establishment, mass media, and government are often “carriers” of the disease of relativism, and gives
Fr Daniel Brandenburg
Father Daniel Brandenburg, LC
clear principles for refuting the main arguments that come up in debate. The final section of the book outlines some positive steps that we can take to oppose relativism and build up the reign of reason, faith, and charity in society.

Every college student, grad student, and thinking person should read this book, and here’s why:

  1. Clarity of mind is a necessary survival skill. In a world full of inflated rhetoric and mini sound-bites, it’s easy to feel confused and uncertain about where the truth of the matter lies on the controversial issues under debate. Father Brandenburg’s lucid style of thinking and writing is like an X-ray that zeroes in on the essential principles at stake. He not only gives useful information and compelling evidence to support his arguments, but he also equips his readers with the capacity to make key distinctions on hot-button topics like homosexuality and the relationship of Church and state. His approach makes the truth more accessible, and his clarity is contagious.
  2. He practices what he preaches. The book calls for reasoned dialogue and the search for truth as an antidote to the fundamentalist trench mentality. And page after page shows the reader how it can be done. The tone of the book is calm, occasionally humorous, and ultimately optimistic. He looks at the dangers, inconsistencies, and fallacies in the other side’s arguments, but he doesn’t slip into useless railing, ranting, or raving. The thinking is sharp and clear, but not loaded with irony or scorn. And in the end, there are suggestions for positive action. This fair-minded, constructive attitude is another positive contagion worth catching.
  3. It’s shareable. Once you have caught the disease of clear thinking, you might want to pass it on to your friends. The book’s opening invitation makes it clear that this is a book for anyone who is willing to have an open mind and discuss the issues in a reasonable way. “The New Fundamentalists” would be a great Christmas gift for some of your more liberal friends and colleagues. Parents should especially consider giving it as a gift to their children before they begin college. In fact, the opening chapter cites the real-life example of a college student who bears the full brunt of dogmatic relativism on campus, and the entire book gives answers to students who could find themselves in a similar predicament. It could also be useful for small group discussion sessions.

Fr. Brandenburg currently is visiting several cities to talk about his book and sign copies. For further information contact Claudia at Here is his schedule:

 September 12-16  Flint, MI   
 September 16-21 Atlanta, GA 
 September 21-24   Tampa, FL       
 September 24-28   Sacramento & San José, CA 
 Sept 29 – Oct 3  Milwaukee, WI 
 October 3-5     Chicago, IL
 October 5-7    Des Moines, IA
 October 7-12      Mexico, DF    
 October 12-13  Detroit, MI

Father Daniel Brandenburg, LC holds a bachelor’s and license degrees in philosophy from Regina Apostolorum University in Rome, Italy, and is currently pursuing an advanced degree in theology at the same university. He was ordained a deacon by Bishop Josef Clemens, personal secretary of Cardinal Ratzinger for 19 years and current Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the for the Laity, on June 29th of this year and will be ordained a priest December 22nd. He resides in Rome and works in the general directorate of the Legion of Christ.



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