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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Planting Seeds of Hope in Europe
CK Net Summer Camp in Poland Grows Dramatically.

CK Net in Poland: poised to grow!
CK Net in Poland: poised to grow!

Krakow,  September 3, 2007. – The Legionary center for apostolate in Krakow planted good seeds for the future with five growing summer camps for Polish boys in various European countries, from Ireland to Latvia. The most dramatic growth occurred in CampNet, in the Polish town of Nowy Sacz.

Growth happens not only in numbers, but also in the attitude of commitment among the lay people. In the Nowy Sacz summer camp, a total of 43 children participated for six days in a wide variety of activities. If the facilities could have held more children, more would have joined, and there are already 120 children who want to participate in next year’s CampNet. There was a strong commitment behind these numbers: all of the activities were prepared by a team of seven lay people who looked after the children with attentive care 24 hours a day.

It was not only the adults who showed such outstanding commitment. Older Catholic Kids’ Net “graduates”
Photo of the CK Net children taken by an ECYD boy.
Photo of the CK Net children taken by an ECYD boy.
who are now first stage ECYD boys took an active role in organizing the monthly NET activities in Nowy Sacz. Their apostolic zeal and commitment to the children made the camp a great success for everyone.

Seeds of hope start small—as small as the little child who discovers Christ for the first time and then learns how to give him to others. But these seeds of faith, hope, and committed charity grow into the biggest tree of all: a contagious life of grace at the service of the Kingdom.

Let’s pray for the ongoing success of all apostles who work in the mission territories of the New Evangelization, that their work in the Lord’s vineyard will continue to bear much fruit, one soul at a time.



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