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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Turning Heads and Making Headlines
Pure Fashion’s Debut in the Media Spotlight

“Girls Gone Mild
Newsweek Magazine recently published an article entitled “Girls Gone Mild.

Atlanta, September 17, 2007. – Few apostolates have such camera appeal as the Pure Fashion runway shows, with teenage girls sashaying down the catwalk in modest and pretty apparel. But it’s not just the cameras that love this budding Regnum Christi apostolate – it’s also the secular media.

Part of Pure Fashion’s appeal is its confidently countercultural message about feminine dignity, modesty, and grace. The smiling girls who walk down the runway at Pure Fashion shows are not only modeling clothes; they are also modeling a new kind of young woman who is beautiful and virtuous, pretty and self-possessed. In a world where the sexual revolution is old news, their message is attracting media attention from a wide range of publications across the country and even abroad.

Newsweek Magazine recently published an article by Jennie Yabroff, entitled “Girls Going Mild(er): A new ´modesty movement´ aims to teach young women they don´t have to be bad, or semiclad” (see

The article indicates that Pure Fashion is on the cutting edge of a new trend: many young women want to be modest, unlike their parents’ sexually liberated generation, and they want to live out their virtue with style, grace, and joy.

The Times, They Are A-Changin’…

The media is capturing the moment, but thanks to
Pure fashion
Part of Pure Fashion’s appeal is its confidently countercultural message about feminine dignity, modesty, and grace.
its opinion-shaping power, it is also helping to extend its radius. Each article helps shape a new cultural climate where modesty fashion shows—and modest young women—are better understood and more highly valued.

Pure Fashion has become the undisputed poster girl for the modesty movement, appearing in a wide range of newspapers and magazines, including secular publications like the Wall St. Journal, the Washington Times, the Washington Post, the Seattle Times, the Baltimore Sun, Fox News, the Teipei Times, and the Guardian, hailing from London.

In the world of fashion magazines, Vogue and Mademoiselle have yet to publish articles on Pure Fashion… but ym magazine has. The link is listed below under “Secular Newspapers”.

Even the Islamic world has taken notice, with a mention in IslamOnline.

On the Catholic and Christian front, there is an endless stream of articles,
Pure Fashion
Virtue is the most important 'must have' for every season.
from the National Catholic Register to the smallest diocesan newsletter. Innumerable blogs also surfaced with comments or articles on Pure Fashion and the modesty movement.

For your reading enjoyment, here is a listing of some (not all) of the evidence that Pure Fashion is not only turning heads, but making headlines, too.

Secular Newspapers:
Newsweek: http://www.msnbc.msn....
Wall St. Journal:
Baltimore Sun:
Seattle Times: http://archives.seattletimes....
Washington Times:
The Washington Post:
The Guardian (of London):
NPR (National Public Radio):
ABC Chicago:
The Taipei Times:
World Net Daily: (Houston Chronicle):
Bismarck Tribune (North Dakota):
American Family Association Journal:
USA (Alabama):
The News & Observer:
My (San Antonio Press):
The Interim:
Concerned Women for America:
Boundless Webzine:

Non-Christian Publications:

Catholic publications:
National Catholic Register:
Catholic Exchange:
Florida Catholic:
NC Catholics (Raleigh diocese):
Georgia Bulletin:
The Catholic Spirit:
Western Catholic Reporter (Canada’s Largest Religious Weekly):
Catholic Education Resource Center:
The Catholic Northwest Progress:
Austin Diocese Newsletter:

Christian Publications
The Christian Science Monitor:
The Christian Post (Washington, D.C.): (Canada’s Christian Community Online):
Branson Christian News:
Breakpoint Worldview:



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