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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Our Faith in Action Magazine:
Connecting Faith, Dreams, and Current Events

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There are extraordinary moral lessons hidden in the constant stream of today’s current events, and these lessons are golden teaching opportunities. Our Faith in Action, a teen-oriented magazine published by Circle Media, does just that.

In clear, simple language adapted to teenagers, Our Faith in Action presents the facts of a single current event and walks the reader through the principles at work. Each well-illustrated issue teaches teens moral reasoning skills in a concrete, interesting, and accessible way, using a hot topic as the “hook”.

This Month: Profiling Bella

For teens who dream of making a difference in Hollywood but wonder if it is possible, Our Faith in Action’s latest issue is an inspiring read. The October edition tells the story of a Catholic director (Alejandro Monteverde), lead actor (Eduardo Verastegui), and film business professional (Leo Severino) who dreamed of making movies that would express truth, goodness, and values in an attractive way. To make their dream a reality, they banded together with an entrepreneur (Sean Wolfington) and founded a pro-values film company: Metanoia Films. The unexpected film festival triumph of their first movie, Bella, is living proof that dreams can become reality with a good dose of faith, talent, and hard work.

Since Bella is coming out in theaters on October 26th, this recent issue of Our Faith in Action would be an excellent tool for a small group discussion before or after the film. It could also be a great way to encourage kids to dream about using their media talents for Christ.

To get a free downloadable copy of Our Faith in Action’s issue on Bella, click here.

An Adaptable Resource: Subscribe Now

Since each issue of Our Faith in Action focuses on just one topic, the magazine is an ideal tool for educators who want to enrich their curriculum with an in-depth look at a specific issue from the Catholic perspective. It is also a great way to teach kids to look at the world with the eyes of an apostle, attuned to the possibilities of evangelizing modern culture in an innovative way.

To get a one-year subscription of Our Faith in Action, call 1-888-881-0729. Subscribers will receive 10 issues by email or by ground mail at the prices listed below.

Back issues on a wide range of topics are also available in the archives on the Our Faith in Action web site at

Email Version Printed Version (Ground mail)
• Parishes and Schools: $300.00
• Youth groups: $50.00
• Families: $30.00

Note: Email prices have been calculated based on an approximate number of users.

• One year subscription

10-49 students$9.00 per student
50-100 students$7.00 per student
101-150 students$6.50 per student
151-200 students$6.00 per student
201-250 students$5.50 per student
251-500 students$4.00 per student
501 + students$2.50 per student
• Each student receives an individual printed copy.
• Magazine style with glossy paper, in full color.



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