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Regnum Christi is the apostolic movement that shares in the charism of the congregation of the Legionaries of Christ.

Un Movimiento al servicio de la Iglesia.
Regnum Christi is one of the new ecclesial movements. In Pentecost 1998, a large number of members met with Pope John Paul II and the other movements in Rome.
Below, we present a brief chronology of the most important dates in the history of Regnum Christi, an apostolic movement that shares in the charism of the Legion of Christ.


On January 3rd, Fr Marcial Maciel (1920-2008) founds the Legion of Christ in Mexico City.

In an audience on June 12th, Pope Pius XII says that the new religious congregation must contribute to the formation of Catholic leaders, especially in Latin America.

The Cumbres Institute (a school) opens in Mexico City. Through formative and spiritual activities, the students and families can share in the spirituality and apostolic ideals of the Legionaries of Christ.

The first draft of what will be the statutes of a movement for lay people is drafted. Shortly after, the name Regnum Christi (Kingdom of Christ) is chosen.

The Interamerican Cultural Center is inaugurated in Mexico
Alumnos Mano Amiga
In 1964, the first Mano Amiga school was founded for underprivileged children. The purpose of the schools is to help lift up not only the student, but also his social surroundings.
City for the formation of lay people.

With the help of the Cumbres Institute parents’ association, the Mano Amiga (Helping Hands) Foundation is created. Its objective is to build a school where underprivileged children can receive a top quality education. Two years later, the first Mano Amiga (Helping Hands) school is opened.

Opening of the Anahuac University in Mexico City.

In February, Pope Paul VI grants the Decretum Laudis (Decree of Praise) to the Legion of Christ and approves its constitutions “ad experimentum.” These constitutions state that one of the main tasks of the Legionaries of Christ is to establish groups of Catholics who will be like salt and light in all areas of society.

In March, the first Regnum Christi center is opened in Madrid, Spain.

On January 3, the first group of lay people officially join the Regnum Christi Movement in the Basilica of
Niño del ECYD
ECYD members try to be friends of Jesus. They gather in groups for formative and apostolic activities.
Our Lady of the Pillar in Zaragoza, Spain.

In the summer, the first groups of Mexican lay people are incorporated into Regnum Christi.
On December 8, the consecrated life in Regnum Christi is begun with the consecration of a group of six young women.

February 25: The first formation center for consecrated women is founded in Dublin, Ireland.

Foundation of ECYD (Education, Culture, and Youth Development): an international organization of children and adolescents who make an alliance with Christ and each other to build a better world.

The first international Regnum Christi convention is held in Ontaneda, Spain.

FAME (Familia Mexicana) is founded to promote and safeguard family values. It is currently called Familia Unida.

On January 25 in Cubas de la Sagra (Toledo, Spain), men’s consecrated life in Regnum Christi begins with the consecration of two young men. In December, they will be joined by seven more.

In 1972, various ECYD clubs are founded: Club San Pablo in Salamanca (February 1972), Club Faro in Monterrey, and Club Kilimanjaro in Mexico City (September 1972), and the Crystal Lake Youth Center in the United States (November 1972). Shortly afterward, Club Vetta was founded in Rome (January 1973) and Club Everest in Madrid (May 1973). Today there are hundreds of youth clubs throughout the world.

In July, the first International ECYD Convention is held in Ontaneda, Santander (Spain).

The “Alpha Omega” center for family counseling is founded in Mexico City and the Escuela de la Fe (School of the Faith) Institute is founded to form educators and teachers of the faith.

Foundation of ANSPAC (National Association for Self-improvement, A.C.). This association, works to improve the moral, social,
consagradas - historia rc
and cultural level of Mexican families by promoting the integral improvement of the person.

On the occasion of Pope John Paul II’s first visit to Mexico, a group of Regnum Christi members help with the logistics.

On June 29, the Holy See gives its definitive approval to the Constitutions of the Legion of Christ.

In July, the first coworkers’ course is held in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Coworkers (now called Mission Corps volunteers) are young people give one, two, or more years working in Regnum Christi.

A team of Regnum Christi youth founds “Gente Nueva” (New People), an organization that aims to promote human values in society.

About 100 youth carry out evangelization missions in Cotija de la Paz, Michoacán, Mexico. This marks the beginning of “Juventud Misionera,” which in English-speaking countries is called Mission Youth.

The Fundación IUVE (IUVE Foundation) is born in Spain. This organization, based on Christian humanism,
Misiones de evangelización
Evangelization missions are a support for the parishes and the dicoesan pastoral programs.
aims to offer transforming and integral aid to help the socially marginalized to live with dignity and have a better future.

CEFID (Center for Long-Distance Integral Formation) is founded. It offers means for growing in holiness and for the apostolate, such as long-distance and online courses, workshops, anthologies of texts, and other services. The English-language counterpart is called CIF (Center for Integral Formation).

On the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Legion of Christ, Pope John Paul II ordains 60 new priests in St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. At the same time, the first world Regnum Christi event is held in Rome, gathering thousands of members.

During Holy Week, Juventud Misionera (Mission Youth) organizes the first “Megamission” in Mexico, with 1,500 youth participating. On this occasion, 36 families also join in the missionary effort, and so Familia Misionera (Missionary Family) is born.

From May 24 – 27, the first Youth and Family Encounter is held in Chicago.

NET is founded as a Catholic formation program for children. Its purpose is to strengthen the family as the school of evangelization and to make each home a domestic church. The English equivalent is K4J.

Regnum Christi participates in the international meeting of the movements and new ecclesial communities convoked by Pope John Paul II.

On the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the Legion of Christ, the first International Youth and Family Encounter is held in
P. Álvaro Corcuera, L.C.
Fr Alvaro Corcuera, LC
Rome, culminating in an audience granted by Pope John Paul II to the participants in St Peter’s Square.

On November 26, the Holy See grants definitive approval to the Regnum Christi Movement Statutes.

During the Third General Chapter of the Legion of Christ, Fr Álvaro Corcuera, LC, is elected as the new general director.

The Legion of Christ founds its first communities in the Philippines and in South Korea.

A canonical investigation by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith reaches sufficient moral certainty to impose grave canonical sanctions on Fr Maciel, corresponding to the accusations made against him, including the sexual abuse of minor seminarians. Taking into account the advanced age and delicate health of Fr Maciel, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith decides “to forego a canonical trial and invite the priest to a reserved life of prayer and penance, renouncing all public ministry. The Holy Father approved these decisions.”

On January 30, Fr Marcial Maciel passes away in Jacksonville, Florida. His mortal remains are laid to rest in his hometown, Cotija de la Paz, Michoacán (Mexico).

At the time of the founder’s death, the congregation has 750 priests and 2,500 aspirants to the priesthood from 39 nationalities. There are 127 Legionary communities in 21 countries and close to 70,000 Regnum Christi members, including 1,000 consecrated members. About 131,000 students attend its schools and universities.

Also during this year, the Legion of Christ opens its first communities in El Salvador and Hungary, thus continuing the service that the Regnum Christi Movement was already offering in family, social, educational, and youth ministry in those countries.

After a gradual internal process of gathering information, the congregation of the Legionaries of Christ publicly confirms that Fr Maciel had
Mons. Velasio De Paolis, S.C.
Archbishop Velasio De Paolis, SC
a daughter in the context of a prolonged and stable relationship with a woman, along with other gravely reprehensible behaviors. Some months later, the communications media present two other people, siblings who state that they are sons of Fr Maciel by his relationship with another woman.

In March, Pope Benedict XVI decides to initiate an apostolic visitation to the institutions of the Legion of Christ to help the congregation overcome its existing difficulties. The apostolic visitation, carried out by five bishops, begins on July 15.

On March 25, the superiors of the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi issue a public statement expressing their deep sorrow for the gravely reprehensible actions of their founder. At the same time, they renew their commitment to deepen their understanding of the Legion’s history, charism, and spirituality, and to engage in a process of renewal under the guidance of the Church.

Upon the conclusion of the apostolic visitation, Pope Benedict XVI decides to continue accompanying the Legionaries of Christ. To this end, on July 9, the Pope appoints Archbishop Velasio De Paolis as pontifical delegate, with the task of guiding the congregation of the Legionaries of Christ through a process of revision and renewal. An apostolic visitation to the consecrated members of Regnum Christi is also announced.

Detailed documentation on recent developments related to the founder, the apostolic visitation, and the pontifical delegate can be found here.



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