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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Main Lines of the Spirituality of Regnum Christi

Cristo Legionario
The Way, the Truth and the Life
The Regnum Christi Movement shares in the spiritual charism of the Legion of Christ. Highlighted below are some of the most characteristic elements of the spirituality of the Regnum Christi Movement.

Christ-centered Spirituality

For each Regnum Christi member, Jesus Christ is the standard, center, and model of his religious, priestly, and apostolic life. A member strives to know and experience Christ in a personal way, especially in the Gospel, the Eucharist, and the cross. He aims to love him with a personal and passionate love, and strives to imitate him and to preach him to others as he carries out his daily activities.

Filial Love for Mary

A Regnum Christi member lives with a tender and filial love for Mary, the Mother of the Church. He entrusts his life, family, work, studies, and apostolate to her care. He venerates her in a special way by trying to imitate her virtues: faith, hope, charity, obedience, humility, and effective cooperation with Christ’s plan of redemption.

Love for the Church

A Regnum Christi member passionately loves the Church, which continues Christ’s mission and is the start of his Kingdom in the world. He loves her with a real and objective love, just as she is and just as Christ wants her to be. It is a love that meditates on her mystery in faith, welcomes her through obedience, builds her up through apostolic action, and sanctifies her through a holy life. He walks in step with the Church, neither ahead nor behind.

Loyalty to the Pope and Bishops in Communion with Him.

A Regnum Christi member adheres to the Vicar of Christ with an ardent and personal love. He studies and spreads his teachings and desires, and defends the charism of his primacy and magisterium.

In a spirit of faith, he venerates the bishops in communion with the Roman Pontiff and seeks to support them in the fulfillment of the diocesan pastoral programs, especially in the field of education, family, charitable outreach, and mass media. In this way, he unites his efforts to those of the diocesan pastors, while contributing his own God-given charism for the good of the Church.

Preaching the Kingdom of Christ

Preaching and extending Christ’s Kingdom is the ideal that inspires, stimulates, directs, and shapes the Regnum Christi Movement’s apostolic objectives, which are: to make Christ reign in the heart of each man and society as a whole; to transform mankind according to the ideal of the new man in Christ; and to create the civilization of love and justice.

Love One Another with Christ’s Charity

The heart of Regnum Christi’s spirituality is the charity preached and demanded by Christ in the Gospel. A Movement member seeks to love all people, committing himself to serve them regardless of language, race, sex, culture, or social condition. He sees and serves Christ in others, and he wants the gifts of redemption to reach all people. He especially practices the virtue of speaking well of others.



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