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Regnum Christi is a path for growing in holiness in the Church and at the service of the Church.

“The Regnum Christi Movement has changed my life. It is still changing it and will continue to change it in the future, because each day presents itself as an opportunity to learn and draw closer to the way of holiness. There are many obstacles, but we have to remember that if we are with God and we do everything for him, then we should not be afraid.” (Juan Camilo Betancourt, Columbia)

“When I met the Movement, I had a deep experience of God. I understood that I was had reached and was reaching the goals that most people set for themselves, but at the same time, I realized that this wasn’t enough, that I should do something more, and that an even greater goal was needed to fill my soul. In that momento, I had no doubts that when I finished college I would give some years of my life to carry out apostolic work as a Regnum Christi co-worker.” (Maria Jose Iturralde, Mexico)

“My decision to join the Movement was deeply rooted in my faith and in my own personal search for Christ. In the Regnum Christi activities, I found the way to live out my Catholic faith in an active way, to commit myself in activities aimed at helping others, to respond to Christ’s call to holiness, and to spend my talents in a constructive way.” (Fam. Manetti, Italy)

“I got incorporated into Regnum Christi in 1986 after having attended rock and leadership conferences, and after doing some apostolic work with orphaned children. From then on, I was able to see more clearly the meaning of my life in all areas: my family, my studies, my faith, my friends, and I was better able to arrange my life so that each thing was given its proper place.” (Alejandro Pinelo, Regnum Christi consecrated man)



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