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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Catholics who wish to live their baptismal call to holiness and apostolate more intensely.

The Regnum Christ Movement is made up of Catholics who, according to the Church’s longstanding tradition, and in the full exercise of their freedom, gather together to help each other respond faithfully to the universal call to holiness and to work actively in the task of preaching the Gospel. Regnum Christi is one among many Catholic movements and associations. The members of Regnum Christi share in the same charism, which fosters their Christian life, their participation in the local and universal Church, and their self-giving to others.

The majority of the Regnum Christi Movement’s 30,000 members are lay people—young and old, single and married, men and women—who seek to live out their baptismal commitment to holiness and apostolate more intensely.

The lay members can take on various types and levels of commitments. Some decide to give one or several years of their lives in volunteer service as volunteers in the RC Mission Corps. Others opt to consecrate themselves totally to the service of God and their brothers and sisters as consecrated lay men and women. Regnum Christi also welcomes bishops, diocesan priests, deacons, and seminarians who wish to enrich their personal life and ecclesial ministry with the spirituality and apostolic methods that this movement offers.



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