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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Men’s Consecrated Life
Living integral Christianity to the full, according to the Regnum Christi charism.

Jóvenes consagrados del Regnum Christi al servicio de la Iglesia.

Many Regnum Christi members experience that Christ has changed their lives. This leads them to ask, “How can I live this new life in Christ to the full?  What might God want of me, now that this ecclesial movement has opened my eyes to a marvelous new horizon?” As God pours out his love on us, he gives us a greater desire to love and to give ourselves. He calls some to give themselves totally.

Regnum Christi is a Catholic missionary spirituality committed to establishing the Kingdom of Christ in the world by two means: fostering its members´ holiness in the state of life to which each one is called, and encouraging individual and organized apostolic action. “Love Christ, serve people, and build up the Church": within this general framework, the Movement offers several levels of commitment, depending on God’s invitation to each soul. Consecrated members respond to God’s invitation by giving their lives totally to him, consecrating themselves to him in poverty, chastity and obedience. This form of commitment is laid out in the Regnum Christi Statutes, which were definitively approved by the Holy See in November of 2004.

Beginnings of the lay consecrated life in the Regnum Christi
Jóvenes consagrados del Regnum Christi al servicio de la Iglesia 2.

In 1977, some of the first Regnum Christi members in Madrid and Mexico City felt moved to dedicate their lives totally to God and to apostolic work for his Kingdom. With the passage of time, the first Regnum Christi consecrated members gave their generous answer to God as young university students and professionals working “in the world but not of the world.”  They placed their talents at the service of Christ’s Kingdom, working with the Regnum Christi sections and ECYD, carrying out the mission they had received. One of them was a student named Álvaro Corcuera, the General Director of the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi.

The formation of the consecrated Regnum Christi members

The integral formation of the consecrated Regnum Christi members is focused on their apostolic work and their specific consecrated lifestyle.

The principal areas of formation are human (formation of one’s conscience, will and character; interpersonal skills, etc.), intellectual, apostolic (for a life of service), and spiritual. The resulting formation is not an arbitrary grouping of independent elements, but forms a harmonic whole in which the model and standard is Jesus Christ himself.

In addition to a university degree, consecrated members should
Los miembros consagrados realizan una gran variedad de apostolados.
pursue post-graduate studies and specialize in a particular profession. This professional formation is complemented with a solid philosophy and theology program adapted to the challenges of today´s world.

Lay people totally dedicated to the apostolate

In the Regnum Christi Movement each person has his particular mission to serve the Church and all men. Consecrated members are formed to carry out a wide variety of apostolates in universities, schools, institutions, Regnum Christi sections, the mass media, etc…, totally ready and willing to do whatever is needed of them for the good of the local and universal Church.  As lay people they are able to exercise professions that would not be suited for priests, such as business or public administration. They seek to imbue everything they do with Christ’s charity and accomplish their apostolic mission according to the charism of Regnum Christi.  Their consecration is a gift that especially equips them for this objective, since it makes them more like Christ.

Regnum Christi consecrated men who at some point discover a call to the priesthood are at liberty to follow this vocation. This does not mean that the lay consecrated life is merely an intermediary step; it is an authentic and complete vocation in itself.  Consecrated laymen and Legionary priests share the same spirituality and total self-giving, but the way in which they live them out is different.

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