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Turn to Jesus (Article) Launches Prayer Chain for Politicians
The community asks the faithful to pray for virtue and discernment in our political leaders.


New Haven, CT. September 10, 2008 – "Elect a Politician to Heaven" is a new appeal by which the Community  hopes to convince the faithful worldwide to dedicate more of their time in prayer for political leaders.

Concerned with the political hostility and persecution faithful politicians face internationally in different ways as well as the widespread practice among secular politicians of neglecting the defense of the dignity of human life and common good values, turns to the power of prayer and launches an intercession service to help politicians.

The service is personalized and allows users to take upon themselves the responsibility of praying daily for a specific political leader assigned to each one of them. Users are encouraged to take the time to get to know their respective political leader, familiarizing themselves with the politician´s life, family, community, struggles, and aspirations. Users are also able to subscribe politicians so that others can pray for them, from community leaders to national legislators, from judges to presidents. To join the crusade taking on the responsibility of praying for a specific political leader users must visit: The service is entirely free of charge.

In this
international initiative, the faithful serve as committed intercessors lifting politicians up in daily prayer and offering sacrifices for them. The goal of the Community is to help politicians to receive the graces of wisdom, discernment, fortitude, good will, integrity, honesty, and a heart that seeks justice and truth – so that they will be able to advance the Kingdom of Christ through their political leadership.

Rosalia Tenorio, Director of in English, explains that the service emerges from a Biblical urge for the believer to keep leaders in their prayers (Wisdom 6: 1-3; Romans 13: 15; 1 Timothy 2: 2-3). Its launching date is particularly fitting, given the the proximity of the US 2008 presidential election.

"The Bible is filled with messages that invite us to pray for those who hold a position of political leadership,” said Tenorio. “Unfortunately, only a few of us do indeed pray for our political leaders. On the other hand, none seems to lack criticism against our politicians. But taking such stand is not the Christian thing to do."

Tenorio further explains that even when elected officials do not represent our values as Christians we ought to pray for them. "In such situations, we ought to pray even more, because this is the loving Christian attitude that we are called to have."
Rezo del Rosario

Sample Prayer for Political Leaders

Lord, Father of the universe, you have created humans to work with you. Enlighten those who lead and govern us. You know how hard it is to be always fair, considerate and compassionate. Our politicians and leaders need your help and guidance, Lord. Grant them your love and benevolence and make them attentive to your perfect will. Heavenly Father, make them instruments of justice and freedom, genuine defenders of good. In your infinite mercy, Father, give them the desire to serve, and teach them to stand for the right causes through a conduct always faithful to you. Bless our political leaders and protect them, defend them against the evil one, now and forever. Amen.

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