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Turn to Jesus (Article)

A Warm Welcome for Over 110 Newly Appointed Bishops
The symposium organized by the Congregation for Bishops was held in the Legion of Christ’s Center for Higher Studies in Rome.

Simposio para obispos, Roma 2008.
The opening Mass was celebrated in the chapel of the Legion’s Center for Higher Studies in Rome.

Rome, September 23, 2008. The theme for this year’s symposium for over 110 newly consecrated bishops was "Pilgrimage to the tomb of St Peter and reflection meeting for the new bishops.” It was organized by the Congregation for Bishops, whose prefect is Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, in collaboration with the Congregation for Oriental Churches, led by Caridnal Leonardo Sandri. The symposium took place from September 15 – 23.

The initiative of holding this annual meeting for new bishops was first launched in 2001. Since then, the location for the course each year has always been the campus of the
Card, Tarcisio Bertone
Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone was the main celebrant of the symposium’s opening Mass.
Pontifical Regina Apostolorum College of the Legionaries of Christ, as well as the Legion’s Center for Higher Studies next door. The bishops used the rooms, chapel, dining room, auditorium, and meeting rooms normally used by the Legionaries studying in Rome during the year. Under the direction of the Vatican congregations, the Legionary religious offer their support with all of the practical aspects of the symposium, such as simultaneous translation services, meals, transportation, and help with the organization of liturgical celebrations.

One of the most outstanding speeches was delivered by the president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Archbishop Rino Fisichella, who spoke on the topic “The Bishop as Teacher of the Faith.” The Italian archbishop of Foggia-Bovino, Francesco Pio Tamburrino, also gave an outstanding talk on “The Bishop as Sanctifier of His People.” Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, president of the Italian Episcopal Conference, spoke on “The Bishop’s  Function of Governing and Making Pastoral Visits,” while the head of the Vatican Press Office, Federico Lombardi, spoke on the topic of mass media in relation to the bishop’s mission.

The purpose of this “reflection meeting” is to give the new bishops a global vision of the most important tasks they will encounter
Card. Cañizares
Cardinal Cañizares, the archbishop of Toledo (Spain), spoke to the bishops about pastoral work with families.
in their new mission at the head of a diocese. It is a moment for them to get to know the functions of the various dicasteries of the Church, and to see how the Roman Curia can support them in the face of the various difficulties they may run up against. It is also an opportunity to share moments of fellowship with bishops from all over the world, to exchange ideas, and to get to know what the reality of the Church is like in other places.

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Holy See’s Secretary of State, celebrated the first Mass with the bishops on September 16. During his homily, he mentioned that the main mission of the bishop has always been and will continue to be the same: to build and nourish communion in the Church, among the bishops themselves and among the people. He thanked the Congregation for Bishops for
Portada del folleto
having organized this important and timely gathering, and also thanked the Legionaries of Christ for opening their doors to welcome bishops from all over the world once again. In his homily, he also emphasized the importance of bishops being the first witnesses of the faith, “of an intrepid and valiant faith capable of adhering to Christ unto the sacrifice of life itself, if necessary.” An article with highlights of the Cardinal’s homily can be read in Zenit.

On September 21, the bishops celebrated Mass together in St Peter’s Basilica, at the altar under the Chair of St Peter. On September 22, they went to Castelgandolfo for a private audience with Pope Benedict XVI.

We ask our readers to support these new bishops with prayers for their pastoral ministry at the service of the faithful.



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