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Turn to Jesus (Article)

The TKC Challenge
A Challenge team leader takes a side apostolate out on the road.

The Forsters’ TKC vanity plate.
The Forsters’ TKC vanity plate.

Denver, CO. October 14, 2008. When a son or daughter gets behind the wheel of the family car with that spanking new driver’s license, most parents are a little apprehensive. Unexpected things can happen.

But when Challenge team leader Emmy Forster took the wheel, she used it as one more opportunity to spread the Gospel.

It all started at the DMV. Instead of a vanity plate, Emmy wanted to get an apostolic plate for the family car: TKC, the Regnum Christi acronym for “Thy Kingdom Come!”

Jesus, Take the Wheel

When Emmy’s mom went to the DMV to request the TKC license plate, the lines of people parted, her number was called immediately, and the request was fulfilled.

Then Emmy started driving. No casualties so far. On the contrary...

After Mass one Sunday, as they were sipping coffee and munching on doughnuts in the parish hall, a fellow parishioner commented that he had interrupted
Colorado is already represented. Is your state?
Colorado is already represented. Is your state?
his prayer as he was driving into the parking lot behind the Forster car. The source of his distraction: TKC. As he was trying to figure out what it stood for, he had resumed his prayer… and halfway through his next Our Father, he had figured it out. Thy Kingdom Come!

Emmy is now challenging Regnum Christi members to unleash a wave of TKC license plates across all fifty states. Be the next Regnum Christi member to sport the divine message everywhere you drive!



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