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Teenage Boy Beats 1% Odds for Survival after Car Accident
Sean Glanvill comes home to his family after 545 days in the hospital.

Sean Glanvill’s homecoming was welcomed with an outpouring of love by students and families.
Sean Glanvill’s homecoming was welcomed with an outpouring of love by students and families.

November 24, 2008. St Louis, Missouri. The following article from the KSDK News Channel 5 web site tells a story of persevering hope: after a tragic car accident and a 1% chance of survival, 14-year-old Sean Glanvill finally came home to his family. Part of his homecoming involved a stop at his former elementary school, Gateway Academy, where he was welcomed with an outpouring of love and prayer. Article reprinted with permission. 

To view a video of Sean Glanvill’s homecoming, click here.

Teen accident survivor gets a hero´s welcome home
By Mike Bush
KSDK -- Even on a chilly November day, hope brings warmth.

Inside the lobby of Ranken-Jordan rehabilitation hospital, 14-year-old Sean Glanvill prepared to go home for the first time in 545 days.

"This is the best day. A day we prayed for," said Penny Glanvill, Sean´s mom.

It was May 2007, when the vehicle Sean was riding in on his way to school left the road and struck a tree. Everyone was buckled up, including Sean; and everyone walked away without a scratch, except Sean. He was airlifted with a traumatic brain injury.

"It was one of the most severe injuries we have seen," said Dr. Jose Pineda, St. Louis Children´s Hospital.

After getting the prognosis from the surgeons, Penny had to break devastating news to Kirsten and Nicholas, Sean´s sister and brother.

"I just told them that Sean wasn´t going to make it. He was going to die," Penny said.

There was only a one percent chance he´d survive, but though he had suffered a brain injury, Sean Glanvill still had tremendous heart.

"He´s a very courageous kid that has always battled in everything that´s he´s done," said Derek Glanvill, Sean´s dad.

His family said Sean beat the odds with a strong faith and an outpouring of love and support.

"That´s what keeps you going," Penny said. "When you see that people are on your side and they´re just prepared to do whatever it takes."

So after hugs and well wishes from his doctors and nurses, the Sean Glanvill caravan was ready for their long awaited journey. As much as the Glanvill´s wanted to get Sean home, they had to make a few stops along the way.

Call it the Sean Glanvill homecoming parade, if you will. It rolled through Chaminade, Sean´s school where his classmates greeted him like a hero. Later it was on to Gateway Academy in Chesterfield where Sean went to elementary school. Every single student came outside to cheer him on. And after the fanfare, the students and faculty gathered around the Glanvill van and offered a prayer. By the time the van pulled into Sean´s neighborhood, it was clear that Sean´s road to recovery had been paved with affection.

"We can´t thank people enough," Penny said.

No one knows how much better Sean will get, but the Glanvill´s were back under the same roof again.

"We think our best days are ahead of us," Derek said.

With hope, it´s been said, anything is possible.

"It´s a miracle," said Penny. "It´s a miracle."




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