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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Young Women Coworkers Start New Foundations in Belgium and Ivory Coast
Where God sows, the work begins. This is the story of two foundations carried out by young women who gave a year of their lives as coworkers.

coworkers Brussels
Coworkers Anaïs Doat and Ana Paula Garza opened the first coworker center in Brussels, Belgium.

God is in a hurry. Two years ago, who would have thought that we would open two new foundations: one in Belgium, and one in Ivory Coast?  Now they are a reality. Since September of 2008, Regnum Christi has had a coworker center in Brussels, Belgium with coworkers Anaïs Doat and Ana Paula Garza. The second coworker center is located in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Africa) with coworkers Karimme Argüello, Mariana Duran, and Ana Lucia González.

The two groups, made up of one Spanish, one French-Portuguese, and four Mexican young women, have given this year to God as Regnum Christi coworkers. Thanks to their generosity, many girls and young women have been able to meet and get to know Christ better in the Regnum Christi Movement.

How did God prepare the ground? Let’s let the coworkers themselves tell the story.

“The foundation of Regnum Christi in Belgium started over 10 years
eucharistic hour Ivory Coast
The coworkers in Ivory Coast help organize Eucharistic Hours.
ago, thanks to the Legionary priests who traveled there. Today, one finds a whole network of people there, of friends of the Movement, and a nucleus of members who are integrated and faithful to the charism of Regnum Christi. If the coworker center was opened this year, it is thanks to their support. In spite of the difficulties, we are always very well received wherever we go!! Thank you!”

In Ivory Coast, the coworkers felt like the foundation was a dream come true, with God’s help. “For us, it has always been a dream to develop the Movement in Africa, and now it is a reality: we are living out this foundation!” exclaimed Karimme.

“Everything started in 2006,” she said, “when Jérémie and Marie-Aimée Coulibaly (the founding couple in Ivory Coast) went to Cancun, Mexico for their daughter’s marriage. The Mass was celebrated in the local parish by a Legionary priest, Father Pierre Gouraud, LC, who—providentially—spoke French like them. It was during their conversation after Mass that they realized the connection, and it was also there that the Coulibalys started to become interested in the Movement. […] Things happened quickly after that. Can we say that there are no coincidences?”

What have they accomplished during these first 3 months? In the
LC with Ivory Coast priests
Father Henri Duc-Maugé, LC, with priests from Ivory Coast.
two countries, the coworkers represent the Regnum Christi Movement; in a way, they are its public face in Belgium and in Ivory Coast. They offer human and spiritual formation and spend time with people while also making new friends and contacts. In Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union, they organized and led activities for teenage girls, like “Tes Talents sur Scène” (Your Talents on Stage), as well as Eucharistic Hours and theology debates for youth. They also provide catechism classes in the parish, and organize a social service project. In Africa, in addition to the regular formation they offer, they participated in the feast of Christ the King, which included a gala dinner with about 130 people. The celebrations also included a video presenting the Regnum Christi Movement and a talk from Father Henri Duc-Maugé, LC. In December, they started up ECYD clubs for teenagers and NET clubs for children.

Anaïs adds, “Obviously, we are just two coworkers who are not at all experienced and who get pretty caught up in the day to day activities… but, as the saying goes, ‘Never two without three’!  And it seems that God uses that to make our work fruitful, no matter how insignificant they seem to us.”

“Where God has already sowed, we begin to work,” she said. “But in the final analysis, it is He who works through us, and who makes his Kingdom grow in people’s hearts.”

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