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Turn to Jesus (Article)

ConQuest Boys Witness to the Value of Life
The boys of the Lincoln ConQuest Club participated in the biggest Nebraska Walk for Life since 1974.

ConQuest boys upholding the American right to life.

Lincoln, NE. February 19, 2009. The following letter to Todd Brechbill, the National Director of the ConQuest Program, was written by the members of the ConQuest Boys Club of Lincoln, Nebraska. In the letter, the boys share what it meant to them to stand up as witnesses to life, truth, and hope.


Dear Mr. Brechbill,

We of the Lincoln, NE ConQuest Boys Club went to the Nebraska Walk for Life, sponsored by Nebraska Right to Life, on January 31st, 2009.  We thought it was a great experience and we were all glad we went.  We got to meet and get pictures with many important people including Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of the Lincoln Diocese, Governor Dave Heinemann, and State Senator Tony Fulton.  We learned a lot, and had a great time.  It was fantastic to see so many people united for a good and holy cause and it was fun!

The Walk itself was a great experience.  All the people there stating publicly what they believe in to the world was amazing.  The politicians were not afraid to clearly state what needed to be changed; a great reprieve from the normal politics of today.  This year´s Walk was one of the biggest Walk´s ever in Nebraska since it started in 1974.  We walked from the steps of the Nebraska State Capital, through downtown Lincoln to the University of Nebraska Student Union.  Five plus blocks of people standing up for what is right! 

The keynote speaker at the Student Union was Mr. Michael Clancy.  He was very inspiring, and shows exactly what people do to the
crowds for walk for life
The Nebraska Walk for Life attracted record-breaking crowds.
truth in our time – cover it up, buy it out, or completely destroy it.  Mr. Clancy was the photographer who took the picture of the interaction between a 21 week old fetus and the surgeon who was operating on him.  Because of attempts to squelch the photo and call it a fake, Mr. Clancy left the world of photography and took on a new mission – revealing the truth about the development of the unborn child in the womb.

The reason we did the Walk was because we were standing up for what was right.  Just like any other injustice of our time, to garner attention and eventually change it, public demonstrations such as this are necessary.  We were also there to help the Conquest Junior Boys who were in attendance and to set an example for them.  We try to do this by leading the weekly junior boy’s meetings, but this was a chance to be practical examples to them.

Finally, we wanted to show that the younger generation cares about what is happening and we want to change it.  We have to give hope to the previous generation that the fight will go on no matter what.  We wanted to show what we believe in and that is why we participated in the Walk.

Yours in Christ,

The Lincoln, NE ConQuest Senior Boys Club



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