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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Pure Fashion Makes USA Today Headlines
As a shrinking economy makes way for more moderate styles, Pure Fashion is a voice for modesty.

deeper beauty
The article also includes a video of Pure Fashion members talking about what the modesty movement means to them.

March 11, 2009. A headline story in the March 8, 2009 issue of USA Today notes that a new trend is underfoot in the fashion world: as the economy shrinks and shoppers think twice before they buy, retailers are listening more carefully to what their consumers really want. And it is now, says author Jayne O´Donnell, that organizations like Pure Fashion are making an impact.

Get the rest of the scoop: 

  • Read the article.
  • View a short video of Pure Fashion members explaining what kind of message they want to send with their fashion choices.
  • View the chat log of questions and answers with Jayne O’Donnell, the author of the article.



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