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Turn to Jesus (Article)


Lebanese missionaries
Lebanese youth participating in Mission Youth.

Lebanon is an important country for Christianity in the Middle East, especially for Catholicism. It is an Arabic-speaking country where Christians live in equality with Muslims, sharing various political responsibilities to maintain an institutional balance between the two groups. The majority church is the Maronite Catholic Rite, which is an Eastern rite in full communion with the Pope. Regnum Christi members in Lebanon belong to various Catholic rites, including the Maronite Rite and the Roman Rite.

In Lebanon, the Regnum Christi Movement aims to contribute its specific charism of charity and apostolate so as to give hope to the Christians who live there, often as refugees from other Middle Eastern countries, where they are persecuted or discriminated against.

The first Regnum Christi incorporation in Lebanon took place on August 27, 1995. The incorporation was the result of the work of several Legionary priests who had traveled periodically from France and Italy
Angels of Zalka
Participants in an Angel for a Day activity in Zalka.
to work in Lebanon, sometimes bringing French youth to Bourj Hammoud for missions, where they helped out in the parish school, visited families, organized Eucharistic adoration, and ran meetings for the youth. 

Since then, the sections have grown mainly in the city of Beirut, in the areas of Bourj Hammoud and Zalka. The main apostolate of the section members is to help out in their parish. They also have their regular Encounters with Christ and their team meetings. Although they are small sections, they are quite active, and have organized various apostolates such as ECYD, Mission Youth, Angel for a Day, and more.

The sections have also given rise to various coworkers in France and Italy.



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