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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Introducing a New Series in the Year for Priests
Interview articles profile a different priest each week.

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The interview series will feature a different priest every Thursday, the day traditionally dedicated to the priesthood.

For an updated listing of the articles published in the series so far, scroll down.

During this Year for Priests, the Church is asking us to reflect on the value and importance of the priesthood as a ministry that is for the benefit of the whole Church.

All priests, whether diocesan or religious, are servants of the people of God. And all priests, whether freshly ordained or “aged to perfection,” have a story to tell about how their ministry of service has changed and challenged them.

We often hear vocation stories about how these men first felt called to the priesthood and decided to give up everything to follow Christ. But that “yes” is just the prologue of a much greater story written over the course of a lifetime. And that story deserves to be told.

Out of a spirit of gratitude and appreciation for the priests who serve us, we will be running a weekly article based on interviews with Legionary priests and Regnum Christi diocesan priests. The focus of these interviews is on their spiritual and apostolic experiences as priests in active ministry, on how those experiences have touched them personally, and on how Christ himself has been at work in them and through them for the good of souls.

Articles in the series:

  • Part 1: Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC, on Crosses, God-incidences, and the Sacrament of Confession
  • Part 2: Fr John Bartunek, LC, on Priestly Celibacy and God´s Providence in the Mission
  • Part 3: Fr Oscar Capilla, LC, on God’s Timing and the Parable of the Prodigal Son
  • Part 4: Fr John Williams on the Adventure of the Priesthood
  • Part 5: Fr Evaristo Sada, LC, on Sharing God’s Mercy
  • Part 6: Fr Michael Sliney, LC, on Learning from Role Models
  • Part 7: Fr Juan Gabriel Guerra, LC, on Walking with God
  • Part 8: Fr Robert Presutti, LC, on Witnessing God’s Work
  • Part 9: Fr Lorenzo Gomez, LC, on Living the Essentials
  • Part 10: Fr Emilio Díaz Torre, LC, on Glimpsing God´s Miracles
  • Part 11: Fr Kenneth Leblanc, LC, on Awakening Apostles
  • Part 12: Fr Joseph Burtka, LC, on Being a Bridge
  • Part 13: Fr Daniel Ray, LC, on the Experience of Family
  • Part 14: Fr Alejandro Ortega, LC, on God´s Kisses
  • Part 15: Fr Florencio Sánchez, LC, on the Treasure in Clay
  • Part 16: Fr Jeffery Jambon, LC, on Christ´s Presence in the Mission
  • Part 17: Fr Luis Garza, LC, on the Choice for a Friendship




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