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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Guadalupe Radio Now Airing in Jacksonville, Florida
Hispanic-oriented Catholic radio program expands its reach.

Guadalupe Radio in Jacksonville
Station WVOJ 1570 AM will air the show from 7 am to 7 pm every day.

September 5, 2009. Los Angeles, CA.  The Guadalupe Radio program recently extended its reach to Jacksonville, Florida on WVOJ 1570 AM, a station that can also be picked up as far north as Savannah, Georgia and as far south as Palm Coast, Florida.

Guadalupe Radio talk shows will be airing from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time (EST). During those 12 hours, listeners can tune in to shows broadcast live from the Hombre Nuevo studios in Los Angeles, California.

The shows playing at that time are:
• Despierta a la Vida (Awaken to Life)
• Café con Fe (Coffee with Faith)
• Oasis de Amor (Oasis of Love)
• Hombre Nuevo (New Man)
• Guadalupe Contigo (Guadalupe with You)
• Desde el Corazón (From the Heart)
• Creciendo en Familia (Growing as a Family)
• El Señor de la Misericordia (The Lord of Mercy)
• Por el Placer de Vivir (For the Pleasure of Living)

This new expansion
reach of Guadalupe Radio in Florida
WVOJ 1570 reaches up to Savannah, Georgia and down to Palm Coast, Florida.
of Guadalupe Radio’s wingspan comes just after Hombre Nuevo’s 22nd anniversary this past August 14. The two programs, both guided by the Legion of Christ, share the same mission: to evangelize through the mass media, teaching the Catholic faith and fostering family values among Spanish-speaking listeners.

So far, the program’s main hub is in the Los Angeles area on the station KSFV 87.7 AM, where the 24/7 radio show reaches almost 12 million potential listeners, 5 million of whom are Spanish-speaking.

In addition to Jacksonville, the cities of Chicago, San Jose, Sacramento, Santa María (CA), Dallas, San Antonio, Odessa (TX), and Las Vegas also catch Guadalupe Radio airtime. Additional listeners tune in from 10 cities across Mexico and 15 cities in Guatemala. Countless more listen live over the internet.

Find out more about Guadalupe Radio and its programs at this link:
Find out more about Hombre Nuevo at



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