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Pure Fashion on ABC News’ Nightline
Video highlights the program’s mission to help girls embrace a countercultural standard.

Amanda Brinkley and her mom Tina
Pure Fashion participant Amanda Binkley, age 14, and her mother Tina.

November 26, 2009. On Thursday, November 25, ABC News’ Nightline correspondent Yunji Denies featured Pure Fashion’s mission for modesty, focusing on the story of 14-year old Amanda Binkley and her mother Tina as they participate in the program.

Watch the video online at this link or read the online article here.

Mild or radical?

The program, said Yunji, is “part Sunday school, part charm school, and part fashion intervention,
pure fashion model from Atlanta show
A Pure Fashion model from one of the fashion shows in Atlanta, Georgia.
with a mission to get girls to go mild.”

Brenda Sharman put it differently, highlighting the courage and independence of mind that it takes for girls these days to opt for modesty in an oversexed culture.

“It’s very countercultural, so it takes a girl who’s very brave and gutsy,” she said. “This is not for the weak and wimpy girl.”

She commented on the courage it takes for a girl to say, “I’m different, I’m going to protect and preserve my innocence and my purity, and I’m planning on waiting for sex until I’m married.”

“That’s the girl that’s radical.”

Find out more about Pure Fashion’s programs in 24 states and abroad in a dozen countries at this link.



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