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Turn to Jesus (Article)

What Boys Do and Don´t Need from Parents
A continuation of Fr Michael Sliney´s 7 video tips on raising boys.

kid with coach

Parts 1,2, and 3 have already been published on this web site. Click on the links to view the videos.

Part 1: Boys Need… to Witness a Strong Marriage
Part 2: Boys Need… Reasonable Expectations
Part 3: Boys Need… Fair and Just Punishments


Part 4: Boys Don’t Need… Probing and Dumping
Sometimes concerned parents can have the tendency to over-analyze their sons, probing them for information about how they are doing and feeling. And when a boy misbehaves, some parents pile on the recriminations, dumping their own emotions onto their kids. Find out why boys need a certain amount of space, and why clear, brief, and simple communication works best.

Part 5: Boys Need… Delicate Love and a Sense of Humor
Sometimes the simplest gestures—a smile and a look of love, little details of consideration, and a good sense of humor—are what boys remember most when they have grown up. Find out how much of an impact these small actions can have.

Part 6: Boys Need… a Spirit of Hard Work
Learning to work is a key part of growing into manhood. Parents can do a big favor for their boys by teaching them the value of perfection and discipline in their work. Find out why in this 2-minute video with Fr Michael.

Part 7: Boys Need… Help to Become Men of God
Boys are not spiritual by nature, but they can learn. Find out what a difference it can make when a boy discovers Christ as his best friend. Fr Michael shares his own experience of learning to love God through ECYD and his parents’ example in this 2-minute video.



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