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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Camp Rivendell: A Legendary Experience
Epic camp catapults boys and dads into a world of medieval warfare and knighthood.

Rivendell first pic
A fun and imaginative setting for boys to learn about virtue and authentic manhood.

April 13, 2010. Calgary, Alberta. Any boy who has ever dreamed of drawing a sword, guarding a castle, firing water balloons by catapult, shooting arrows like Legolas, jousting gladiator-style, or charging head-on against an army of Orcs should start packing his bags now.

The legendary Camp Rivendell, founded in 2003 in affiliation with Conquest, is one of the most exciting Catholic boys’ camps available, drawing registrants from all over North America. This year, about 170 campers are expected. To get a preview of what the camp will entail, visit the web site at

Located on the Britton Ranch, 45 minutes South West of Calgary, Alberta, Camp Rivendell is not just any summer camp. It is a three-dimensional experience
Rivendell officers
Camp Rivendell's officers and general prepare for battle.
involving constructed forts and castles, functional catapults, iron-clad heroes wearing actual armor, foam swords for every camper, and an enemy “Orc Army” worthy of the Lord of the Rings. With its planned battles, tournaments, and tests, the camp is an incredibly fun and imaginative setting for boys to learn about virtue and authentic manhood, while also growing in their Catholic faith. View images from past camps here.

A school of manhood

The camp is designed for two major age groups: boys ages 7 to 12 as campers and boys ages 13 to 17 as “officers.”

As young leaders and role models, the officers set the tone for the younger boys under their care. The camp takes their role so seriously that it carefully selects the best prospective officers from the many young men who apply. Following selection, officers enlist in the “Officer Training Program” which begins before Camp Rivendell and continues throughout the camp. More details about the officer selection and
Mass at Rivendell
An outdoor Mass on the grounds of Camp Rivendell.
preparation process are available on the web site here.

Meanwhile, dads are a key extension of the camp’s adult leadership and logistical support, together with the directive team of lay men. In addition to making the camp safe, fun, and full of surprises, they take care of tasks as diverse as “preparing theatrical scenes, ambushes, teaching wilderness skills, mentoring, serving the boys, and forming the legendary ‘Orc army’ for the battles,” according to the camp web site.

Every year, several Legionary priests also attend the camp to provide the sacraments and to care for the boys’ spiritual formation.

Registration information for this year

Campers and officers can begin registering on April 30th, 2010 through the Camp Rivendell web site. It is recommended to sign up as soon as possible, since there will most likely be more applicants than spaces.

Officer Training program (ages 13 to 17):
- July 30 (7 pm) to August
Rivendell catapult
Camp Rivendell officers prepare the catapult.
8 (1 pm)
- Cost: $579 Canadian

Camp Rivendell (ages 7 to 12):
- August 4 (10 am) to August 8 (1 pm)
- Cost: $329 Canadian

For more information, contact camp director Brian Doran at (403) 991-1298 or administrative director Norman Hebert at (780) 965-4088.



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