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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Introducing “Regnum Christi Live”
Your comments are welcome on a blog designed to foster dialogue among Regnum Christi members and friends.

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The Regnum Christi Live blogspot can also be accessed through the RC home page through this logo.

June 28, 2010. The Regnum Christi Live blog is now online as a place for Regnum Christi members, friends, and onlookers to ask questions, get answers, and share their thoughts on a range of issues, including the current situation of the Legion and the Regnum Christi Movement.

The blogspot is moderated by Jim Fair, the official spokesman for the Legion of Christ in the North American territories.

Referring to the current state of affairs in the wake of the Maciel scandal, Fair writes, “I believe we have reached the point of acceptance.  But that doesn’t mean that the pain has ended – or the shame. Healing will take time and I hope this blog will help the process.”

What to expect on Regnum Christi Live

Blog entries will fall into several different categories, including:

• A response to a particular social or political issue (or candidate).
• A journey of self-discovery for the particular blogger.
• The shameless promotion of a particular product or cause.
• A forum for the sharing of ideas among people of common interest.
• A place to get answers to questions.
• A place to clarify things when an organization is facing challenges.

“Our primary purposes are to promote the good of the Church, clarify and correct misconceptions about the Legion and respond to comments,” writes Fair.

He adds, “I have no illusions about this venture.  I expect some who read this will fume at what I have to say.  Others may enjoy it.  I hope that we can open a dialogue and keep it going.”

Fair ground rules

1. I’ll be posting a commentary several times a week.  During hectic news times, I’ll probably have something to say each day.

2. There will be a place for readers to post comments.  I’ll have the discretion about whether or not to post a comment.  A comment likely will be posted if it is relevant, rational and constructive.  A comment likely won’t be posted if it is simply an attack, is longer than 250 words, is filled with profanity or involves a personal issue.

3. This site isn’t the place to report abuse allegations.  If anyone has a question about safe environment policies or a complaint regarding sexual abuse of a minor by a Legionary or consecrated member of Regnum Christi, Fr Steven Reilly can be reached at or called at  301 580 0340. His mailing address is 10211 Norton Road, Potomac, MD 20854.  Having said that, if someone makes a comment that suggests there has been any sort of misconduct, I will report it to Father Steven and it will be reported to the appropriate authorities.  In other words, I’ll react to a comment about abuse in the same manner an airport screener would react to a joke about a bomb in a suitcase.  With what we have been through the past couple years you can rest assured that we take this with deadly seriousness.

4. If you post a comment or question that is of a personal nature, I will do my best to respond to you and get an answer.

In the end, the purpose of the blog is to open a dialogue, giving people the chance to talk about issues, share ideas, raise valid concerns, and get information and answers to their questions.

“The Legion and Regnum Christi have been controversial,” writes Fair. “I believe we have done great good.  We also have made many mistakes and, in some cases, hurt and alienated people.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can start to heal those wounds. I ask for your prayers.”

Log on to Regnum Christi Live at this link:

For Spanish-speakers, there is also a Spanish version of the blog, Regnum Christi En Vivo, at this link:

The English and Spanish blogs are also both available as iPhone applications.



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