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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Taking the Leap of Faith with Style
Challenge girls’ camp in Prince Edward Island gives girls a colorful experience of faith and fun.

colorful socks
The PEI campers show off their colorful socks.

September 21, 2010. Prince Edward Island, Canada. The sun-bathed red shores of Prince Edward Island marked the setting for the 2010 Challenge Girls Camp on the theme “Take the Leap of Faith” this past August 22 to 28.

Thirty girls, ages 10-17, plunged into a week’s worth of fun activities while also learning about the virtues of authenticity, charity, purity, and generosity. Following the examples of saints and contemporary heroes, they learned how to live their faith while also having a blast.

Faith and leadership formation

Each day, the girls had a leadership workshop based on a particular leader, ranging from Blessed Br André, Tony Meléndez, Sir Ernest Shackleton, Eduardo Verástegui, and Karla Wheelock. Each leader’s life was presented in a talk show format called “Do you want to be a leader?” and their virtues and qualities were analyzed.

The girls had discussions and talks on other realities that affect their lives, such as dating, relationships, friendship, peer pressure, sincerity, and perseverance.

The camp offered daily opportunities for prayer and the sacraments. Morning prayers were held overlooking the ocean. Every day, the girls received two brief “Mass tips” on how to live the Mass with greater fervor, and there were small-group Gospel reflection times
mountain run
On the run during a camp activity.
for the girls to read and reflect on a brief Gospel passage. Mass was held outdoors, and the Holy Hour in a makeshift chapel was a memorable experience for the campers. One girl reported that the Holy Hour was “the fastest hour of my life.”

Fun activities

In addition to sports, water games, beach bonfires, and dance, art, and singing workshops, the girls had creative activities that brought out the best of their team spirit.

There was a “crazy sock day” on which the girls had to show off their wildest socks; an “Ann of Green Gables hair day” in honor of the PEI location; “Fiesta Night” with Mexican hat dancing; a “Western Dinner” with square dancing; a “Medieval Dinner Feast” with costumes (newly ordained diocesan priest Fr Sherren came as a representative of “the King” to teach the girls to be “daughters of the King”); and a “Follow the Fiddler” activity during an outing to Victoria-by-the-Sea. There was also a “wear something about yourself” day when the girls had to wear clothes that gave hints about their interests and hobbies.

Throughout the week, there was a motivational campaign consisting of prayer, acts of kindness, and small sacrifices. Every time a girl completed one
take the leap
"Take the Leap" was this year's theme for camp.
of these acts, she was able to move her “frog,” helping him to “leap” his way down a race track to the finish line.

Lorianne MacDonnell, one of several volunteers at the camp, commented that the girls’ energy and joy was inspiring.

“I was overwhelmed by the girls’ enthusiasm to embrace all of the activities,” she said. “And although the campers ranged in age from 10 to 16, they all got along beautifully. The older girls who came as counselors gave themselves with a lot of generosity, as did the volunteers.”

She also gave a word of thanks to the “many local parish priests who came and generously gave of their time and talents to provide the sacraments daily for the girls.”

“With God´s grace, we hope that each camper left with practical tools to improve  and grow in their spiritual life and in their leadership skills,” she said.

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