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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Regnum Christi Members “Run 4 Vocations”
Archdiocese sponsors run to encourage prayers for vocations.

runners for vocations
Clockwise from top left: Mary Sarah Ivers, Tammy Grady, Yvonne Fontaine, Karen Wilhoite.

Denver, Colorado, Oct. 11, 2010 – Runners will be lacing up their running shoes next week in hopes of encouraging prayer and awareness for vocations. Four of the runners are members of Regnum Christi.

The Office of Vocations for the Archdiocese of Denver is sponsoring the inaugural “Run 4 Vocations” on October 17, 2010.  The event will be a marathon relay, according to The Denver Catholic Register.  Teams of four will be competing in a 26.2 mile race in four pre-determined segments ranging from 9.7 miles to 3.2 miles. 

Runners are not asking for financial contributions. They are requesting supporters to make prayer pledges “for an increase in vocations to holy orders and the consecrated life” for the archdiocese.

The “RC Runners” team includes: Karen Wilhoite, Mary Sarah Ivers, Tammy Grady, and Yvonne Fontaine. Ivers has been a Challenge team leader for three years, and has participated in several national and international mission programs. Fontaine has been a RC consecrated woman for four years, and is currently working in Dallas Texas, with Youth Programs and also spends about a week each month in Denver, doing the same. Wilhoite is a mother of three who describes herself as an “avid gym rat who has been active in sports” most of her life. 

Grady has been a Regnum Christi consecrated woman for 15 years, presently living and involved in ministry work in Dallas but she also travels to Denver on a monthly basis to work with the youth involved in RC Youth programs.  She said she is not necessarily in this race to win.

“I am running for basically two reasons.  I love running, really any sports for that matter.  But I also want to promote and support vocations. Hopefully, this race will help the youth to see that those who are called by God to the consecrated life or priesthood are normal people who love God and life!”

Supporters can pledge prayers at the following link:  Click the “prayer pledges” tab.

The Denver Register suggested the following prayer:


God, our Father, we turn to you in this time of great need.  We trust in your loving kindness and ask you to hear the prayers we offer for your Church.

Bless the Church with many men and women willing to generously offer their lives to you in holy orders and consecrated life. You inspire and bring to fulfillment every good intention. Bless and guide those who are discerning your call to holiness and service. Give them courage, steadfast love and a spirit of charity as they seek to respond faithfully to you.

We offer this prayer for the Archdiocese of Denver and for the whole Church in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, who is Lord forever and ever. Amen.

Those near the Denver Archdiocese can still sign up to participate in the run at:



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