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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Haitian Mission is Life Changing Event
Mission Youth Group Goes to Aid Those Still Suffering from Earthquake

Cecile Martin Houlgatte with two friends
Cecile Martin Houlgatte with two friends

Special Note:  Please keep the people of Haiti in your prayers as they currently suffer through a cholera epidemic and brace for a tropical storm.

Duverger, Haiti, Nov. 8, 2010 – “Lord, if you need me, I want to go and help.”  This heartfelt prayer from one of our consecrated women of Regnum Christi was answered this past summer with a life changing mission to Haiti.

After Cecile Martin Houlgatte, who works with the Mission Youth program in Jacksonville, Florida, heard the tragic news about the earthquake in the already poor country, she said her “heart cried.”  She immediately wanted to go serve the suffering in the stricken area.

“I am French and this is a Creole and French-speaking country,” she said. “I live three hours flying distance from there.  I am a consecrated woman called to love Christ, serve people and build the Church.”

Several young people involved with Mission Youth would join Cecile in her efforts. Some of the girls even did fundraising to purchase supplies for Haitian
Consecrated women Cecile Martin Houlgatte with Haitian residents
Consecrated women Cecile Martin Houlgatte with Haitian residents
orphans, such as the “Hop for Haiti” event held by the St. Joseph’s Challenge Club in Jacksonville, Florida.  Using jump ropes, the girls “hopped” in front of their Church after Masses, while asking for donations.  They raised $850 for the trip!  In total, a team of 10 girls went on the June 20-28, 2010 mission with Cecile, including four girls from Mexico.

Fr. Timothy Moran LC would accompany the group to Haiti and serve as spiritual guide and chaplain.  “It was a very impacting, grace-filled experience,” he said.  “I only wish more Americans could experience life in Haiti, even if for just eight days, so they would begin to realize how absolutely spoiled we are when compared to so many other peoples and nations!  God willing, I may go on another mission next summer.”

The girls who attended agree.  Fifteen-year-old Sarah Regan said her perspective on life has changed.  “I thought a lot about how little I appreciate everything in my life, and my mission to Haiti will stay with me a very long time.”

Cecilia McMillan said her experience also has carried into her life at home. “In Haiti I learned that when working with others, our main purpose is not to get them to love us, but to transmit God’s love to them.”  

During her time on the mission, Cecilia particularly remembers serving at “Camp Promise” for children with special needs. “The campers made our job easy!  We saw God through them, and I really saw God in all aspects of Haiti – in the scenery, in the people, and in Haiti’s ability to pick itself up after disaster, dust itself off, and continue on with a smile.”



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