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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Called to look on high
Letter from the Pontifical Delegate to the Legionaries of Christ and the Regnum Christi on the occasion of Christmas (December 10, 2010).

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Cardial Velasio de paolis, pontifical delegate of Legionaries of Christ, sent the following letter on December 10 on the occasion of Christmas and New Year

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Rome, December 10, 2010

Dear members of the Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi Movement, my brothers and sisters in the Lord,

On my own behalf and that of the advisors who accompany me in my task as pontifical delegate, I send you my heartfelt and fraternal best wishes for Christmas and a happy New Year.

Christmas this year marks an important stage on the journey we are making together. We have already spoken to each other a lot. There have also been personal meetings, and we have had deep communication with each other based as it is on our shared faith in the Lord who walks with us. We recognize him as our Savior who saves us by freeing us from the evil roots that still remain in us, and who gives us the new life of God’s children.

In whatever part of the world Christmas night finds us, we will hear the echo of the marvelous words the angels sang above the cave of Bethlehem: “Glory to God in the highest heaven and peace on earth to those he loves.” We are on earth! But we cannot remain locked in earth’s horizons, which would easily sink us in darkness. We are called to look on high, to heaven, where we contemplate the face of God the Father who loves us and gives us his peace. The supreme act of his love is his gift of his Son, Jesus Christ, who becomes our brother to give us divine life. He enters into our history so that we can enter into God’s; he enters into time so that we can open ourselves to eternity. The face of God’s love shining forth in the face of Jesus, the Word made flesh, provides us with the horizon or point of reference to see where we are and joyfully resume our journey.

As well as conveying my best wishes, I want to thank all those who have wanted to commit themselves to follow the path of brotherhood, renewal, and reconciliation that we have taken, giving their positive contribution toward greater understanding, acceptance, and building the community. Special thanks to those who have known how to commit themselves to fostering the atmosphere of brotherhood and trust, offering where necessary their forgiveness, as sons of God who imitate their heavenly Father.

I particularly thank all those who with trust have committed themselves to contribute to the renewal of the Institute by sending in their suggestions and proposals. In recent days, with the creation of the commission for the revision of the constitutions, we began the main task that we are called to fulfill, according to the Holy Father’s instructions. This is a work of utmost importance in which all are called to participate actively, according to their own possibilities and role.

The members of this commission include not only the pontifical delegate as its president, but also two of his advisors, experts in consecrated life (Fr Gianfranco Ghirlanda and Fr Agostino Montan). The outcome will depend on everyone’s collaboration, and will be endorsed by an extraordinary general chapter and then by the approval of the Holy See.

This task is one that demands interior freedom and discernment to give our personal adherence to God’s will. It is not the ideas of this or that person that must prevail or prosper. It is a question of actively listening to God’s will in the school of the Church so as to re-read correctly the history of the Institute and of one’s own vocation, to choose what is best according to God’s plan. We are called, like the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus, to see everything, to take everything into our own hearts, to re-read everything in light of the mystery of God. The ultimate objective is to be free to give our yes promptly, like Mary. The Lord will enter into us to take possession of our life insofar as he finds the doors of our hearts thrown open. Thus will the Kingdom of Christ be established in our heart and in the life of the Legion, which will thus truly be the Legion of Christ. I wish you every good thing in the Lord, and I bless each and every one of you, united in prayer at the altar of the Lord.

+ Velasio De Paolis, C.S.



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