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Turn to Jesus (Article)

God’s Paths
Fr Janick Caouette, LC (Canada)

P. Janick Caouette, L.C.
P. Janick Caouette, L.C.

God calls each person according to his personality and capacity to open himself to his holy will. My call did not happen at a specific moment in my life, but took place through a decision in accordance with everything God had given me throughout my life. In fact, the call to the priesthood was “a logical step” after everything I had lived and my way of being. As Christ himself said in the text above, he is the one who took the initiative. Through my life’s circumstances, he was able to lead me slowly but surely toward the path I am on at this time.

The visit

It was while visiting my cousin who is also a Legionary that I was able to discern more clearly. It is important today to leave the daily grind to reflect, especially when it is a matter of discernment. During this visit, I saw and experienced a charity, family spirit, and simplicity that caught my attention in a particular way. I felt at home. Of course, such a decision is not made in two minutes based on good feelings alone. Other steps have to be taken, such as talking to a priest and participating in spiritual retreats.

The seed that matured

It was while reflecting on the parable of the sower during these retreats that I felt that I had to follow this path. I asked myself, “What kind of soil is God’s seed falling on in me? What will be my response to the graces he has given me throughout my life?” God had greatly preserved and protected me in spite of situations that were sometimes difficult. Religious practice at home was very simple. My mother taught us many values in light of the faith. In fact, even as an adolescent, I remember having a certain respect for the religious world (priests, popes, things of the Church, etc.). I was in the world, but without following the things of the world, such as for example the trends, weekend parties, escapades with friends, etc. I never had any liking for these things, although I was not lacking in occasions to try them if I wanted to. I was thirsty for serious things; that is, I wanted to follow a serious path of life already in my adolescence. It was marriage and family or the consecrated life.

The call to a family

I had also understood that I was called
P. Janick Caouette, L.C.
to a love beyond the ordinary, more universal and based on service. I had always loved the family spirit, and if my vocation was not to the priesthood, I had certainly considered having a big family. But God, in his way, had given me a beautiful family at home, a religious family where I also found that beautiful spirit and my call to a total gift of myself for the good of the world. For such is love, no matter its form. It is the gift of self to another. In our case, it is for Christ and the world.

God’s path

I joined the Legion because I realized all the good and the evil that was taking place around me, and particularly because of an urgent call to do something. My Legionary life was very beautiful; in it, I have been able to help many souls through different apostolates. I was also able to appreciate the zeal and generosity of my formators, teachers, and all the priests who work more directly in youth and family ministry.

A moment that especially marked me was when I had to receive chemotherapy treatments because of a tumor in my chest. Because of its size, it was the only way to treat the problem. During my five months of chemotherapy and one month of radiotherapy, I was able to experience the exceptional care and charity of my brothers and superiors, whom I thank very much. I also experienced the power of prayer. There were strong moments of moral trials, but from the start, God is the master of my life and I know that he always will be. He put a very good team of doctors on my path and gave me a lot of strength through the presence of our Blessed Mother. Thanks be to God, I was able to finish my studies without falling too far behind.


“It is not you who have chosen me; it is I who have chosen you so that you will bear much fruit, and so that your fruit will last” (Jn 15:16).

I think this is the biblical phrase that sums up my history of following Christ. He is the master, and he has asked me only to have faith in him. The fruits are his. God can do everything with nothing, and he asks only for faith. As imperfect as my response is, I do my best to please him.

The path of formation for the priesthood has given me many crosses and will continue to give them. But for the one who is guided by faith, hope, and love for Christ, the crosses become a means of perseverance, of transformation, and if God permits it, of sanctification for self and salvation for souls. It is the work of a lifetime that is renewed every day.

FR Janick Caouette was born in the village of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, province of Québec (Canada) on August 5, 1977. He completed his studies in various public schools in Quebec and undertook professional studies in the field of forest ranger and miner (at which he was able to work for some time). He studied classical humanities in Cheshire, CT (United States) and then studied philosophy for two years in Thornwood, NY. After three years of apostolic work as a vocational recruiter in Canada, he completed his theology studies at the Pontifical Regina Apostolorum College in Rome. At this time, he is the prefect of studies and a spiritual director in Cornwall.

The vocation stories of the Legionaries of Christ who were ordained in 2010 have been published in the book "From the Heart of Christ."



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