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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Doing God’s Work
Crisis pregnancy center counselor shares story of saving a life

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Logo of the Pregnancy Counseling Center located in Mission Hills, California

The following testimony was written by Ingrid, a Regnum Christi member and a client advocate at The Pregnancy Counseling Center located in Mission Hills, California.  She works at the center once a week while her children are in school. She said that she was inspired to write about her experience to help others see how God works miracles at these centers and to inspire others to help.  She points out these centers only can operate with the help of volunteers and donations. For more information on her center, go to

This morning I am able to make it to the Chapel before going to the center.  As I kneel before our Lord, I thank Him for the graces I have received, and I pray that on this day, I would be able to do his work and to let him speak through me to the women I would counsel.

Couple Requests “Abortion Pill”

At the center that morning, a call comes in.  It was the boyfriend of a girl that wants to get an “abortion pill.”  As I prepare to answer, I quickly say a prayer for God to guide my words because I know that this young man, like many other callers, has providentially mistaken our center for an abortion clinic.  I know that I could easily lose him.  After explaining to him what we actually do at our center, I immediately invite him to come in and discuss his situation so that he and his girlfriend could make an informed decision.  He agrees, and I pray that he would not change his mind.

Half an hour before closing, they knock on our door. She speaks first and says that she wants to know more about the different types of abortion. This is the moment when we hopefully, as Christ-centered counselors, step down and allow Christ to step in.  I pray again to Christ for the right words.  

God Steps into the Session

We sat in our private counseling room, and His work begins. She is not ready to have a baby; she is ashamed; she has finished high school after having dropped out when she was younger; her mom would not understand… so many reasons why abortion sounds so much easier.  Then, her strengths shine through: her boyfriend is supportive of any decision she makes; he wants to marry her and has a job; she knows that the baby’s life is at stake; she believes in God and is thankful that He healed her from her drug addiction a few years back.

After I explain her options, she says she will not even consider adoption.  She is torn between keeping the baby and aborting it.  She wants to know more about abortion. Step by step, I explained the types of abortion she would probably have and the consequences it could bring to her life: the possible psychological and emotional impact, the complications that may arise from the various procedures.  Then I show her what the baby looks like at this stage, how his heart beats within her, how he lives because she nurtures him inside her womb, how he depends on her to live.  She starts to cry and realizes that God does not want her to have an abortion.  She says that God healed her once, and she could not hurt Him by ending this baby’s life.  She has made her decision. She will keep the baby.  

I could finally let out a sigh of relief.

Support for the Future

When I question the boyfriend about what he thinks about the change in his girlfriend’s decision, he mumbles the common reply learned from so much propaganda in our society: “It is her choice.”  I look at him understandingly and say: “Half of that choice is in her womb for you to claim.  You are after all, the father.”   He chuckles and agrees. 

From now on our center will support them with the necessary referrals, in-home limited ultrasounds, diapers, clothing and other baby items that we can manage to get for them. We especially offer emotional support because for many, the process is long and hard.

But, this work can only be done by allowing our Lord to use us. We are His hands, His mouth, His feet.  Christ spoke to this young woman’s heart.  He touched the very thing that would make her choose life.  He has saved another baby, and we are so glad He is in charge.

Regnum Christi’s

Lord Jesus,

I give you my hands to do your work.

I give you my feet to follow your path.

I give you my eyes to see as you do.

I give you my tongue to speak your words.

I give you my mind so you can think in me.

I give you my spirit so you can pray in me.

Above all, I give you my heart,

so in me you can love your Father and all people.

I give you my whole self so you can grow in me,

‘til it is you, Lord Jesus,

Who live and work and pray in me.  Amen



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