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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Sharing the Experience of an Undying Love
A new book, “Come and You Will See,” unpacks the richness of God’s love for us and our love for God.

come and see book
The book is available through the Regnum Christi Resource Center.

March 1, 2011. Come and You Will See: Experiencing the Lasting Love of Christ by Fr Héctor Guerra, LC, and Fr Juan Pablo Ledesma, LC, is an exploration of what exactly it means to love God.

Available through the Regnum Christi Resource Center, the book frames the question of love for God as a personal friendship with Christ that begins in this life and continues into the next. Rich in theology and in practical applications, the book begins by defining the importance and nature of love in our lives, and then focuses on how developing a deeper friendship with Christ is the key to experiencing the fullness of God’s love and loving him back with purity, depth, and totality.

On a practical level, the book also explores some of the obstacles to developing a stronger friendship with Christ, such as pride, immaturity, mediocrity, and hardness of heart, not to mention the devil. Finally, it offers some of the keys to continue growing and building a strong love that can weather any storm.

When asked where the idea of writing the book came from, Fr Juan Pablo Ledesma said that it came out of the blue, like a flash of inspiration.

“I’ll respond with an image. We have a lot of satellites revolving around our planet. Suddenly, one of them becomes a meteorite and hits you. That’s how this book began. We all have a lot of ideas, a lot of satellites that spin around us, and one day it occurs to us to communicate what we have lived and have always carried inside. That was the meteorite that caused the explosion,” he said.

The book also comes from a personal experience of love that both authors wanted to communicate with others, to spread the gift.

He continued, “We wanted to make the mystery and marvel of love ‘comprehensible.’ It’s like a fire, like wanting to shout out to the entire world that love exists. We have found it. He has found us. We have experienced it and we want to share it with all men. That is also the challenge of the New Evangelization.”

“It’s a book that leads to God,” he said.

Come and You Will See is available for purchase from the Regnum Christi Resource Center.



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