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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Recreating Calvary in the City of Angels
Hombre Nuevo / Guadalupe Radio event enacted a realistic Passion play to help prepare people for Holy Week.

passion play
The live representation of the Passion gathered 15,000 spectators.

April 29, 2011. Los Angeles, California. One of the most moving traditions of Hispanic faith communities, both in the United States and in Latin America, is the emphasis on reliving the Passion of Christ in the most realistic way possible. Volunteers come forward for all of the major roles: one brave man always plays the role of Jesus, walking barefoot and carrying a real cross on which he is tied up. Other volunteers dress up as Roman soldiers, brandishing swords and bullying Jesus along the Via Crucis. Women come forward as the Mother of Jesus, Veronica, Mary Magdalene, and the holy women who weep alongside Jesus as he stumbles along. The live Stations are a tangible expression of faith, and the time in which they unfold is an opportunity to pray and reflect.

In order to encourage this spirit of prayer and remembrance, Hombre Nuevo and Guadalupe Radio organized the 19th annual Cristo Vive Passion play, “Weep for the Passion, Live His Victory” in Industry Hills in Los Angeles, California. The group of over 200 actors put on a total of three presentations from April 16-17, with over 15,000 spectators attending.

Some of the audience included priests and religious who commented that Hombre Nuevo and Guadalupe Radio are doing a real service, evangelizing through the mass media. In keeping with this mission of evangelization, various books, CDs, DVDs, and other faith formation materials were available for sale during the show.

To learn more about how Hombre Nuevo and Guadalupe Radio are evangelizing Hispanic audiences, visit the web sites at and



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