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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Pure Fashion, Filipino Style
Article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer picks up Pure Fashion message: inner beauty is what counts.

pure fashion filipino 1
A Pure Fashion model from the Philippines.

May 6, 2011. Manila, Philippines. “It’s not what you wear, but who you are,” was the title of a recent article published a major Filipino newspaper, the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The article documents a recent Pure Fashion show held on April 2 at Enderun College with 14 student models and their “supermodel” mentors.

Pure Fashion has been active in the Philippines for the past three years as a 10-month program that teaches lessons about virtue, personal dignity, chastity, and self-confidence while also imparting fashion and beauty advice, from how to choose flattering fits and apply makeup to how to walk the runway.

For the organizers of the Pure Fashion show held at Enderun College, the event is “a celebration of self-worth.” The girls not only walked the runway, but also presented videos and skits, sang, performed dance routines, and gave personal testimonies about how Pure Fashion has helped them grow
pure fashion filipino
The Pure Fashion show was "a celebration of self-worth."
in their understanding of virtue and faith.

For model Trina Manalo, one of the lessons was that God-confidence translates into self-confidence. “Confidence means that you don’t need to compete with the fashion trends, because only God can give us the confidence that pulls us up where we want to be.”

It also means having the confidence to be happy with how God made you, and to trust that he made you worthy of love, and capable of giving love.

“Everyone wants love,” said Angela Poe, a “supermodel” mentor, “but you have to wait for it because someone’s made for you. You need to grow in love and be more of who you are and who you want to be.”

For more information about how Pure Fashion helps young women to grow in dignity and grace, visit the web site at



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