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Follow the Watermelon…
See Legionary vocations on vacation in Termini, Italy.

follow the watermelon
WaterMelon Dreams... a video glimpse into the Legionaries' vacation in Termini, Italy.

July 20, 2011. Rome, Italy. Ever wonder what the Legionaries do on vacation?  A new video by David Murray, entitled “WaterMelon Dreaming” offers a glimpse into vacationing Legionaries’ way of “resting” on the shores of Termini, Italy. 

From the picking up the watermelons just outside the house to a day of dive-bombing off a platform into the sea to napping in the shade to hiking up dry hills to get back home again at dusk… the Legionaries’ vacation is a time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures in a splendid setting.

View the video here.



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