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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Discovering the Gift:
Twenty girls praise God in song and friendship at music camp in Ohio

music camp
The girls, ages 10-16, enjoyed three days of music, fun, and friendship at the first music camp in the state.

Mason, OH, August 1, 2011 – Twenty young girls learned to see their musical talent as a way to glorify God and bring others to his love during a special summer camp in Ohio.

The girls, ages 10-16, enjoyed three days of music, fun, and friendship with Christ and each other at the first music camp held in the state at Royalmont Academy in Mason from July 11-13, 2011.

The camp was the initiative of Regnum Christi consecrated woman Jill Swallow. “Music is my second passion after Jesus Christ,” she said. “I had this idea in my heart for a long time, and my dream came true, thanks to the help and encouragement of many others.  I can’t stop thanking God for these days.”

Every day the girls sang, danced, and participated in formation activities that taught them how music affects their souls and their relationship with God.  As Natalie Ferraro, age 13, shared:  “I just sing for Christ. That’s what’s most important to me, since singing is praying twice.”

The girls started with simple melodies, worked their way up to harmonies and dynamics, and polished up their songs for the concert they
music camp 2
The girls presented their songs at a nursing home and in a concert for their parents.
gave to their parents on the last day.  They learned several songs, including “The Melody Within” from the movie Rigoletto, “Fly” from the consecrated women’s CD, Making All Things New, and the well-known song “You Raise Me Up.” 

But before the final concert, the girls had a chance to share the gifts they had discovered at a local nursing home.  Angela Spies, a counselor, said this was the highlight of the camp. “On our way out, we saw a woman who was sad because she missed our singing, so we gave her a private concert.  It was worth it even just for that moment.

“The lesson we learned is obvious,” she said. “We need to value our personal talents as gifts from Christ that we want to offer back to him.”



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