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Frequency, Trigonometry and More:
Students from Immaculate Conception Academy participate in Yale University Physics Olympics

yale physics 1
Beth Vogel, Quinci Scherber, Margaret Antonio, and Tori Backstrom at Yale University.
by Tori Backstrom
New Haven, Connecticut -- Four seniors from Immaculate Conception Academy got quite a physics lesson last month, and the team was rewarded for their hard work placing third in one of the events.
On Saturday, October 15, 2011, the high school students from Wakefield, RI attended the Physics Olympics at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.  Physics students and teachers of Yale plan this event to help high school students learn more about and enjoy physics. 
Participants performed five simple experiments, 35-minutes in length, including constructing duct tape boats, finding the frequency of tuning forks, and connecting cities on a map.
“The Yale students and teachers definitely achieved their objective, because now each of us is excited for what is to come in physics class,” said team member Beth Vogel.
“We are just beginning our class in
yale physics 2
The ICA team works on solving a physics puzzle.
physics this year, and we were told we did not need specific knowledge in physics to participate,” she said.  “But it certainly would have helped.  We were amazed at some of the physics terms the other kids used!  It sounded like they were speaking another language.  By the end of the day our brains hurt a little, but it was worth it.  It was definitely a surprise for us to get 3rd place in the ‘On da Road’ event.”
The Immaculate Conception team was impressed to see so many people “extremely impassioned” about physics.
“If they can have such a love and a passion for science, how much more can we have a love and a zeal for the Church, our faith, and ultimately for Christ?” said Tori Backstrom. 



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