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Final Draft of Action Plan for North American Territory
Document is the result of collaboration between Legionaries, consecrated members, and lay Regnum Christi members.

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November 22, 2011. As Fr Luis Garza, territorial director for North America, announces in the letter below, the final draft of the Action Plan for the territory of North America is now completed. The Action Plan can be downloaded in PDF format here.


Thy Kingdom Come!



November 21, 2011

To all Legionaries and Consecrated Men and Women
Territory of North America

Dear Fathers, Brothers, Consecrated Men and Women in Christ,

 Greetings. With this letter I am sending you the document which we will use as our action plan. I thank you very much for your input and for the time that you took to study the action plan. I hope it will aid us in our service to the Church during these coming years.

 Even though we are in the midst of a process of renewal and reflection about our identity and mission, we need an action plan and a useful definition of our mission that can help us during these years. Reading your responses, I was happy to see there was a broad consensus that overall the document expressed the basic elements of our mission and of what we need and want to do. I have simplified the document and have taken in account many of your proposals.

 I apologize if not everything you proposed is included in this final text. However, there are several things to consider:

 Firstly, since I strongly believe that where there are two or more united in Christ’s name, He is with us, I instituted a collaborative process to put together the first draft. Then I asked for your feedback in the community discussions where, I hope, everyone participated. Also, as you know, there was an earlier survey done among the members of the Movement that gave me important input. I have worked on the final text after prayer and reflection. In the end, the responsibility of the decision falls on my shoulders as territorial director, so I beg you to pray for me.

 Secondly, and in more practical terms, not every proposal was included since some contradicted others. Others were not accepted since they did not have a general consensus.

 Lastly, we have to keep in mind that an action plan, especially this being the first one that we do together, is still really a draft; it is a “living” document that we will adjust and improve as we go along, in the hope that, as the days pass, it will be a better instrument for all of us. We are working together to fulfill God’s plans for our Legion and our Movement in North America. I continue to expect your input and ideas about this document as we go forward.

 Having approved this action plan, I am sure that an obvious question you will have is what you should do with it. To help answer that, a team of Legionaries, consecrated members and lay members is working on ways in which localities, communities and teams can adopt this action plan. They will give us their suggestions at some point over the Christmas holidays. The hope is that early in the New Year we will all try to see how to implement the action plan locally.

 As your communities and teams talk about the action plan, I would invite you to take a truly family approach to our work. We are a family of Legionaries, consecrated and laity working together. We also need to keep in mind that the Regnum Christi members and other lay people we work with are members of their individual families. Our work must seek to address the needs of entire families, not just individuals. As a family – and working with families – we will continue striding forward in faith towards a future of greater holiness for each of us and constantly growing in service of the new evangelization.

 I want to thank you again for all that you do and invite you all to continue to be united in Christ, filled more than ever with enthusiasm for the mission God has given each of us, and be men and women of great prayer, charity and service. Let us continue to build the Kingdom of Christ in our hearts and in those whom God has placed around us.

 I ask you for your prayers and I wish to let you know that I pray for all of you daily. God bless,

Yours in Christ,

Fr Luis Garza, LC



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