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Sharing Joy
Rebecca Olek “blogs” about her experiences during her mission trip to Haiti

Haitian arm with cross
Rebecca Olek shares in the struggle of life in Haiti

Regnum Christi consecrated woman Rebecca Olek just completed an emotional and life-changing mission to Haiti.  During her time in the struggling country, she wrote five blog entries for Regnum Christ Live sharing her experiences.  The first is below, followed by links to the remaining entries. 

"Ladies and Gentleman we are now beginning our decent."I put down my book and glance out the window - and my glance is turned into a full out stare. Houses that are comparable to boxes with aluminum roofs. Visible damage left from the earthquake, dead grass and dust everywhere. Welcome to Port au Prince.

We´re nearer to the ground and now I can see that the sidewalks are no more than organized piles of rocks. The airport is nothing like I am use to... but I expected that much, as I am on a mission trip to Haiti.

Driving through the streets to reach the hostel, Walls International Guest House, where my mission group is staying. The fourteen of us crammed into the small van wear Mission Youth t-shirts that distinguish us from the many other mission groups we arrived with. As we drive, we see women carrying unbelievable loads on their heads. Vendors. Rubble. People gathered to sell bread, crafts, anything. They watch us as we pass by - smile and wave - I am so shocked by what I see around me, but to them this is daily life.

The hostel is not what I expected, but then again, I´m not sure what I did expect. There is a small pool, a terrace, an open dining hall. There is also major damage from the earthquake that forces you to watch your step on all the walkways. But I have a bed and I get a good night sleep.

Wake up call is early the next day and we are out the gate (literally) by 7:00. Now the mission begins. Dirty diapers, toddlers all vying for your attention, boxes full medical supplies to sort through... this is the children´s hospital of the Missionaries of Charity, my new home for the next week.

One face in this first full day stands out in my mind: Fabiola is a 10 month old baby girl, all skin and bones, stomach bloated from malnutrition, no muscle to support herself. This morning she almost refused to eat, but my fellow missionary Katya spent two hours coaxing the food down. I fed her in the afternoon with less coaxing and then cuddled her for the next hour. She gave me a beautiful smile as I laid her down to sleep in her crib... and then she surprised us all. She sat up for the first time.

The cheers from the staff and MC sisters there were emotional. They´ve been by her side since she arrived a few months ago. This was their victory, not mine. I was simply blest to share in their joy. Really, I can only do so much while I´m here, but if I can share and give a little joy similar to this, than it will all be worth it.

Up close and personal

By candlelight

God with us

Living with Haiti




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